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U.S. Accuses Turkish Gold Trader of Conspiracy to Violate U. S. Sanctions on Iran

 By INU Staff  

INU -  On October 17, Benjamin Weiser wrote for an article for the New York Times about Turkish gold trader, Reza Zarrab, who has been jailed in New York. 

A federal judge in Manhattan refused to dismiss an indictment against him on charges that he conspired to violate United States sanctions on Iran.


As Iran-Saudi Tensions Worsen, Israel and Nigeria are also Growing More Anxious

 By INU Staff  

INU - Iran News Update has dedicated a number of recent articles to highlighting the escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This conflict has knock-on effects upon a number of other regional an international players including the Saudis’ allies among other Arab countries, particularly those that are participating in the coalition supporting Yemeni President Abed Rabu Mansour Hadi against Houthi rebels that are backed by Iran.


Syria and Iran as the Fault-Lines in Growing East-West Divide

 By INU Staff  

INU - On Friday, Jokpemepublished excerpts from an interview that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad had given to a Russian-language tabloid newspaper. The comments are unsubstantiated, coming only from the head of a government that is closely allied to Iran and publicly opposed by Saudi Arabia. But Assad claims that early in the now more than five year long civil war, the Saudis expressed willingness to back the Assad regime if it broke off relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, now Assad’s leading source of foreign support in the conflict.



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