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Hope for Internal Moderation Fades after Election of Head of Assembly of Experts

By INU Staff
INU -On Tuesday, it was reported that Ahmad Jannati a notoriously hardline and anti-Western cleric, had been elected to the head of Iran’s Assembly of Experts, the governmental body of religious scholars who are tasked with overseeing the supreme leader and selecting a new one in the event of his death or abdication. It is widely expected that the current Assembly will have the opportunity to appoint a successor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is 77 years old and reportedly in poor health.


Political Prisoners, Pets, and Progressive Ideas: Targets of the Iranian Crackdown

By INU Staff
INU - On Tuesday, IranWire published an article featuring commentary from persons close to several of the recent victims of political imprisonment in the Islamic Republic. Those quoted included Alizadeh Tabatabai, a lawyer who represented three of the people arrested in early November in a coordinated crackdown on reform-oriented journalists. The lawyer detailed how his clients had been deprived of access to legal counsel as interrogating authorities elicited forced confessions from them.


New Political Arrests and Ongoing Mistreatment of Existing Iranian Prisoners

By INU Staff
INU - On Sunday, the Human Rights Activists News Agency reported that an Iranian poet and journalist, Omid Soleimani, had been arrested in one of the latest examples of an ongoing crackdown on perceived digression from the regime’s hardline Islamist and anti-Western ideology. In the wake of last summer’s nuclear agreement, many individuals and general social trends have been targeted in this crackdown. It has included arrests of journalists, poets, artists, and musicians, as well as obstruction of numerous concerts and increased censorship of media and the internet.



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