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Discrepancies in Interpretation of Iranian Parliamentary Runoff

By INU Staff
INU - Over the weekend, Iranian state media announced results in Friday’s runoff elections for the 68 seats that remained contested in the country’s 290-seat parliament. The 10th parliament is set to be sworn in this month, and international media has already been emphasizing that it will have a larger than ever proportion of “moderate” and “reformist” members, based on the results of the first round of voting in February.


Park’s Visit Highlights Mutual Leverage Between Iran and Economic Partners

By INU Staff
INU - In the midst of South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s visit to Tehran, the Iranian government announced that its oil exports to the Asian country had increased four-fold between January and April, to 400,000 barrels per day. Such figures serve to suggest that the two countries joint goal of increasing overall trade and tourism to about 18 billion dollars per year may be realistic. This target represents about three times the current level of trade, which has been held down by South Korea’s compliance with economic sanctions led by its longstanding ally the United States.


Tehran Opposes Imports and Sends Envoy to Russia as Anti-US Rhetoric Persists

By INU Staff
INU - On Tuesday, Reuters reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran had banned imports from the American carmaker Chevrolet, in line with earlier statements by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei urging support for domestic production and decrying demand for American goods. The government also reportedly disallowed the importation of an order of 200 Chevrolet vehicles, which officials claimed had been loaded for delivery but were not yet on route to Iran.



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