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Rostam Ghassemi, Iran’s former oil minister, shed light on the dire economic situation and the skyrocketing number of poor people.


Iran's Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh told reporters on Tuesday that a global oil cuts deal is likely to be extended, but that time is needed to discuss the subject thoroughly first.


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INU - On Friday, the administration of US President Donald Trump announced its intention to put into effect new economic sanctions against businesses and individuals that have helped the Islamic Republic of Iran in the further development of its ballistic missile program. That program is frequently cited as justification for the belief that Tehran has long-term plans for the development of a nuclear weapon, since every other country that has acquired a ballistic missile stockpile has also armed some of them with nuclear warheads.


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INU - Although Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has publicly questioned the economic value of the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers, the Iranian regime as a whole has nonetheless been keen to boast about the post-agreement recovery of the country’s oil economy. That trend continued this week when the National Iranian Oil Company declared that it had begun production at the South Pars oil field and that the first consignment was expected to be prepared for delivery to foreign markets within a month.

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INU - On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Iran had received the second of 100 Airbus jets that are set to be delivered to the Islamic Republic under an 18 billion dollar deal that was made possible by sanctions relief under the 2015 nuclear agreement. There is some contrast between the ongoing implementation of the commercial aircraft sale and the rising rhetorical questions between Iran and the United States.

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INU - On Tuesday, it was widely reported that the Chinese communication giant ZTE had been penalized for violations of US sanctions against Iran, as well as against North Korea. The BBC was among those outlets to report that “the highest levels of management at ZTE approved the scheme which involved the shipment of $32m worth of US-made goods to Iran between 2010 and 2016.” In addition, the company was accused of systematically lying and deceiving investigators and the company’s own legal team over the illegal acts.

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