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Government factions in Iran have intensified their struggle to grasp presidency, on the eve of the clerical regime's elections.While social tragedies such as grave sleepers, poverty, addiction and unemployment that have frustrated and fed up the populace, the of the story of Babak Zanjani embezzlement of $3 billion is unraveling. This story has implicated virtually all the regime's top officials. 

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INU- It was reported this week that relations had grown strained between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nation of Turkmenistan, as a result of disputes over gas exports and outstanding debt. Turkmenistan has halted the flow of natural gas to its trading partner, which has traditionally relied on imports to supply populations in the north of Iran, far from the country’s domestic supply. Agence-France Presse reported on Wednesday that Iranian officials had issued a disdainful response to the move, making familiar accusations that the other party in the dispute was violating established agreements by enforcing its expectations for the Islamic Republic

It has been announced that the Iranian government’s plans for petroleum, gas, oil, transport, dams, water transfer, telecommunication and IT are assigned to a group affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The news was confirmed by Hossein Dehghan, the regime’s Minister of Defense.

By INU Staff 

INU - On Monday, Reuters once again reported upon the apparent growth in prospects for multinational investment in Iran. The news agency noted that the country had certified 29 companies from over a dozen foreign nations as prospective beneficiaries of a new and less restrictive petroleum contract model.

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INU - On Monday, new information came to light regarding the controversial aircraft sales agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and American Aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Asghar Fakhrieh-Kashan, the Iranian deputy minister of transportation announced that Iran would pay approximately eight billion dollars for the 80 or so aircraft involved in the agreement.

Wording the deal in terms President-elect Trump might appreciate, Boeing stated that their $16.6 billion deal to sell 80 aircraft to Iran, would be “good for American jobs”. 

However, GOP lawmakers had criticized the Chicago-based company when the deal was still being worked out in June, and are vowing to fight it.

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