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INU -According to the Iran Human Rights website, authorities at Karaj Central Prison executed an inmate on Tuesday who had been only 16 years old at the time of his offense. Although the alleged murderer had been for approximately 30 years before his death sentence was implemented, the Islamic Republic has a long history of keeping juvenile offenders in prison until they have passed the age of majority, at which point executions are carried out seemingly arbitrarily. Often, these cases involve much less time spent in jail, as well as much less serious crimes such as drug trafficking.

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Some Iranian factory workers, who were injured in an explosion at the Steel Industry Factory of Boyer Ahmad, southern Iran, have spoken out about the severe lack of safety protections in their workplace, including not being given the money for their safety clothing.

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INU Staff

INU - Just three days after the so called “re-election” of Rouhani as president killing and executions restarted on Tuesday, May 23 and 9 prisoners were executed.

A 50 years old, married prisoner called Davar Hamdard, was executed in Ardabil.

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On Monday, Amnesty International published an updated Urgent Action Notice about Iranian political prisoner, Maryam Akbari Monfared, who demanded justice for the unlawful execution of her siblings during the 1988 massacre in Iran. She has been threatened with an extended prison sentence for doing so.

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An Iranian civil liberties organisation, United for Iran, has created a website called the Iran Prison Atlas to keep track of political prisoners in Iran

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 On Tuesday, Voice of America News reported that the United Nations had undertaken efforts to stop the execution of an Iranian inmate who had been sentenced to death when he was only 15 years old. The execution of juvenile offenders is a clear violation of international conventions on human rights and the rights of the child, both of which Iran has signed and ratified. Yet the judiciary of the Islamic Republic continues to defend the practice, upholding juvenile death sentences and affirming the maturity and legal responsibility of the condemned even when international pressure has led to those cases being reviewed or re-tried.

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