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At the peace talks in Geneva, Nasr al-Hariri, the lead negotiator for Syria’s main opposition group, the High Negotiations Committee, singled out Iran as the biggest obstacle to settling the conflict in Syria.

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We may wonder how Iran has interpreted the Gulf message from the Kuwaiti foreign minister, or the American stance following Michael Flynn’s resignation, or the Russian’s attitude from the Astana conference, and most importantly the Israeli stance. Did Iran focus on Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to maintain some of the points of the nuclear agreement, or Israel’s point of view of restraining Iran in terms of its support of Hamas and Hezbollah?

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At the Munich security conference, Saudi Arabi called for Iran to be punished because it was propping up Syrian dictator Assad and has been spreading terrorism across the region. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir, said a few days ago that Iran was the biggest sponsor of terrorism across the world. He also said that Iran is a large destabilising force in the region. 

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By INU Staff 
INU - On Wednesday, Iran Front Page News reported that the Iranian Foreign Ministry had publicly reacted to apparent efforts to insult the Emir of Kuwait on Friday, as the Islamic Republic of Iran was celebrating the 38th anniversary of the revolution that ousted US-backed leader Shah Pahlavi. The anniversary celebrations are routinely an outlet for hardliners’ staunch anti-American sentiments, but many of those same hardliners also focus their rhetoric on actual or perceived allies of the United States, including most of the Arab states situated near the Islamic Republic.

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Al-Ahram newspaper aired an interview with Lebanese President Michel Aoun a few hours before arrived on an official visit to Cairo. In response to the daily’s editor-in-chief question about the future of Arabs’ relations with Iran and Turkey, Aoun replied, “These countries must maintain special relations because there are many mutual interests.”

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After nearly six years of conflict in Syria, two new rounds of talks are scheduled to take place in Astana and Geneva.

In the Kazakh capital, Astana, it is expected that the talks held there last month, sponsored by Russia and Iran, the Syrian government's allies, and Turkey, who backed the rebels, laid a foundation that will be built upon. 

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