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The deputy chair of the Iranian parliament’s National Security Committee has announced that 50 trillion rials (U.S. $1.65 billion) of Iran’s released funds will be spent to strengthen the country’s defense.

Ahmad Sheikhzadeh

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INU - A consultant to Iran’s mission to the United Nations has been criminally charged with violating a U.S. law against dealing with that country, according to an indictment made public on Wednesday, Reuters reported on March 24th.

On Friday, it was reported that at least 12 US Senators had begun publicly urging the government to impose unilateral sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to punish it for last week’s provocative ballistic missile tests, which have been subject to international criticism for being inconsistent with the United Nations Security Council resolution that accompanied the January implementation of the Iran nuclear deal.

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INU - On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had defended last week’s tests of three ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. His remarks on the subject were delivered during a visit to New Zealand, which was to be followed up on Tuesday by a trip to Australia, as well.

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INU - On Friday, officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued to extend their defiance over the issue of the past week’s ballistic missile launches. As part of broader military demonstrations the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps launched one ballistic missile on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, in the latter case boasting that the 1,700 and 2,000-kilometer range missiles were capable of reaching Israel.

 Amir Ali Hajizadeh, IRGC Commander

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INU - The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps struck back on Thursday against criticism of its three recent ballistic missile tests, which were widely reported to be violations of UN resolutions and US sanctions. As part of broader military exercises and demonstrations, the IRGC launched one ballistic missile on Tuesday and two on Wednesday. In the latter case, both Ghadr-series missile bore the message “Israel must be wiped out,” written in Hebrew.

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