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INU - Iranian parliament chief Ali Larijani expressed grave concern over a US Senate decision, with over 90 votes in favor, paving the path for new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and Iran.

This is especially concerning since American Senators described Iran as the main supporter of terrorism, and the recent Tehran attacks proved Iran is tasting its own medicine.

“Exactly when the Iranian people was engaged with an attack on the parliament by terrorists, the US Senate shamelessly approved a bill against the Iranian people, and approved supporting terrorists,” he said.

“In this bill, filled entirely with the support of terrorism, they have imposed sanctions on Iran’s missile technology, IRGC and the Quds Force. The US knows the IRGC and Quds Force are the main fighting against terrorism in the Middle East. Therefore, this bill shows they are hand in hand with the regional terrorists,” Larijani added.

“The US should not think disputes in Iran will provide them any opportunities. We say it very clearly that the IRGC is a sacrificing force for the Islamic Revolution, and the Quds Force and IRGC are Iran’s red lines, and we will give them strong response,” he continued.

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