Tehran Lumps Together American Perspective on Nuclear Deal, Rejects Them All

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had acknowledged differences of perspective between himself and President Trump regarding the future of the Iran nuclear deal, or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Last month, the president provided Congress with certification of Iranian compliance with the deal, despite the fact that his presidential campaign had repeatedly promised the cancellation of the agreement, which Trump described as the “worst deal ever negotiated.” Tillerson was given much of the credit for the latest certification, which was offered only begrudgingly by the president after his foreign policy team insisted that unilateral cancellation of the deal would alienate fellow signatories and US allies, thereby working against American interests in the long run.

Escalating Crackdowns Fail to Suppress Awareness of Iranian Human Rights Abuses

On Wednesday, Amnesty International issued a new report on human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with particular emphasis on the trends that they have followed since the 2013 election of President Hassan Rouhani. Contrary to the expectations of some Western officials and some of Rouhani’s initial body of domestic followers, the so-called moderate has consistently failed to oversee improvements in the human rights situations over the course of his first four years in office, which end this week with his inauguration for a second term.

Reports of Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards' Smuggling Contribute to Perception of Nuclear Deal Violations

On Tuesday, a Reuters report highlighted the ongoing arms smuggling activities being carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The report quoted anonymous Iranian government sources as saying that the Islamic Republic and the IRGC had worked out new procedures for the transfer of missile components, cash, drugs, and other illicit goods to Yemen’s Houthi rebels, whom Iran has supported throughout their two-year war against the democratically elected Yemeni President Abed Rabu Mansour Hadi.

MEK/PMOI Gains Support While Iranian Regime Gets Weaker

The justice-seeking movement that wants the Iranian regime to be punished for the horrific massacre of MEK/PMOI members is gaining momentum, just weeks after the opposition’s event in Paris. On 1st July, tens of thousands of people attended the Free Iran rally and hundreds of former US and European government officials and prominent political figures spoke about the need for justice for the MEK/PMOI members who were killed during the 1988 massacre.

As Endgame Remains Unclear, Europe Pushes Back on US's Iran Policy

On Monday, the Washington Examiner published an opinion piece on the provocative subject of regime change in Iran. That topic has arguably become more prevalent in public discourse, especially in the United States, since beginning of the Donald Trump presidency and the consequent shift in foreign policy away from the conciliatory diplomacy pursued by the White House under President Barack Obama.

Tech Sector Is Battleground Between Tehran and Adversaries at Home and Abroad

This past week, Agence-France Presse issued a brief video report regarding the growth of the information technology industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The report suggested that this sector had managed to continue expansion and development in spite of the effects of economic sanctions and was now uniquely thriving in the aftermath of the 2015 nuclear agreement, which granted broad relief from those sanctions. While the AFP framed this story in terms of opportunities for educated Iranian youth, the report emerged alongside others that raise implicit questions about the implications of an expanding Iranian tech industry for the national security of the United States, European countries, and other adversaries of the Islamic Republic.

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