Following Deal With Total SA, Iran Attempts to Deny Economic Instability

Thursday, UPI reported that the Iranian Oil Ministry had extended an invitation to pre-approved foreign companies, in hopes of enticing them to invest in the development of the Azadegan oil field. The announcement arguably reflects increased optimism among Iranian officials about their prospects for foreign investment, following the previous announcement that France’s Total SA had completed a deal to develop the South Pars gas field as part of a consortium with a Chinese energy company and a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company.

Investments and Talks Suggest More International Interest in Iran, Pending US Response

On Monday, two major news stories highlighted the tense situation regarding Iran’s role in the Middle East and its relationship with the world at large. These come nearly two years after the nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers raised expectations of expanded economic investments in the Islamic Republic, but also more than a month after US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Arab Islamic-US Summit cast doubt upon the willingness of Iran’s adversaries to let this situation move forward.

MEK Presence in the Massive Event Roused Ire of Iran Regime 

A massive gathering of the Iranian diaspora was held in Villepinte Exhibition Centre, near Paris, on Saturday, July 1, 2017 to show their support for PMOI / MEK, the main opposition to the Iranian regime and advocating adoption of a firm approach toward the theocratic regime in Iran.

The gathering presented a large number of political dignitary speakers from all over the world, including from the U.S. Congress and personalities close to the current U.S. administration. They all were coherent in their support for MEK and calling for a regime change in Iran.

Nikki Haley's Comments on Iran Highlight Russian-Related Complications

On Tuesday, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations delivered testimony to the House panel on foreign operations, a subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee in the US House of Representatives. In that testimony, Haley addressed multiple issues relating to the Islamic Republic of Iran, thereby reasserting the Trump administration’s assertive policies toward the Iranian regime. By most accounts those policies are still emerging, but they have already come to include purposive outreach to other adversaries of the Islamic Republic and a program of expanded sanctions on matters such as Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Iranian Regime's Fear of MEK, Why?

Infuriated by MEK’s removal from US terrorist list, Iranian regime House Speaker Ali Larijni said in his Friday June-23 speech “now it’s you (the United States) who are sponsor of terrorism and even mother of terrorism, yet you accuse the Iranian regime of sponsoring terrorism. Your accusations are shameful …. Today the Americans removed MEK from their list of terrorist groups.”

In an article titled “(MEK’s) footsteps being heard”, the Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency reveals regime’s concerns over increased danger coming from MEK following their transfer from Camp Liberty to Europe, saying that June 20 is reminder of (MEK’s) declaring war against the regime.

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