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On Tuesday, the international media’s coverage of the Middle East was largely dominated by reporting on and discussion of the diplomatic crisis between Qatar and a number of its fellow Arab states. Saudi Arabia and several of its regional partners broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar on Monday and also moved to isolate the country as completely as possible, grounding flights going to it from their own airports and cutting off land and sea routes as well.

Last week the Iranian Oil Ministry made a number of boastful statements regarding its prospects for increased production and exports. EA Worldview reported, for instance, that Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh had promoted plans for an increase of petroleum output from current estimated levels of 3.8 million barrels per day to 4.7 million barrels.

Many critics of the Obama administration’s approach to negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are keen to connect that singular issue to the overall character of the Iranian regime, which is cited by many to prove that that regime has not earned the right to be treated as an equal and rational negotiating partner.

On Monday, Tasnim News Agency posted a laughable article about Iran’s human rights situation, quoting the deputy head of the judiciary’s Human Rights Council as saying that “most advanced laws for the protection of human rights are enforced in Iran,” and that these laws put Iran ahead of most of the world in terms of protection of human rights.

From what I’ve read of the human rights situation in Iran, it seems that the Baha’i faith community is subject to some of the most organized, institutionalized, and relentless persecution by government authorities.

Reports of the raid by the agents of Mullah Rouhani, the mullahs’ President, against Section 350 of Tehran’s Evin Prison which took place on April 17, once again clearly proved this reality that in the rule of Supreme Leader there are no rights that are respected for any human being even those who are imprisoned and in captivity in Iran. 

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