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Singer’s Deportation Reflects Iran’s Dual Crackdown on Foreign Nationals and Women

On Friday, it was reported that the British Singer Joss Stone had been briefly detained by immigration and customs authorities, then deported from Iran after arriving via the airport on Kish Island. Stone’s visit to Iran was intended as the conclusion of a world tour that included stops at and performances in virtually every country on the globe. Prior to her aborted trip to Iran, she reportedly visited war-torn Yemen and was given permission to perform before a small audience in al-Mahra Province. But Stone had no advanced approval for a performance in Iran and was unlikely to receive it after arriving, in light of Iranian authorities’ hostility to both female authorities and persons with connections to the United Kingdom and the United States.

Seizure of Iranian Tanker Brings Forth Empty Threats, Weak Denials

On Friday, just one day after the British Royal Marines seized an Iranian oil tanker over violations of US and EU sanctions, a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps publicly advocated for attempting to capture a British tanker in retaliation. Mohsen Rezaei’s threat was just one example of the militarist rhetoric that has been emanating from Iranian hardliners in the midst of escalating tensions between Iran and the West. It also highlights Tehran’s efforts to portray itself as a victim of undue pressure, thereby justifying any action that the regime happens to take in the future.

United States and International Community Need to Support People of Iran to Pressure Malign Regime

The Iranian regime is becoming more and more belligerent as time goes on. Many presidents and administration officials over the past few decades have called for patience, saying that the regime would become more moderate, especially if concessions were granted. However, the time has finally come, at last, for the world to realise that the regime is completely incapable of becoming more moderate. In fact, its mere existence depends on the export of terror and fundamentalism.

Widespread Corruption and Grave Mismanagement Destroyed Iran’s Economy

The situation in Iran is evolving rapidly. Just a few short years ago, it would have been almost unheard of for ordinary people in the street to be heard chanting “death to Rouhani” or “death to the Supreme Leader”. But now it is something that is heard frequently. The people are no longer afraid to make their voice heard.

Iran Threatens to Accelerate Executions Amidst Tensions With the West

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Iranian judiciary was threatening to execute dozens of prisoners on accusations of spying for the United States. This comes roughly two weeks after one prisoner, Jamal Haji-Zavareh, was executed on that same pretense, although authorities provided no apparent evidence to substantiate the accusation, apart from a confession that was elicited under torture. It is not clear whether authorities are prepared to provide clearer justification for the potentially forthcoming executions, and the Islamic Republic has a long history of detaining and giving harsh sentences to dual nationals and persons with connections to the West.

Iranian Regime Stuck in a Corner

By Jazeh Miller

The Iranian regime is backing itself into a corner and it is fast running out of options. To this day, the United States has tried not to play into the hands of the tyrannical clerical regime.

The United States came very close to responding to Iran’s provocation with military action – but at the last minute all action was called off. The U.S. realised that it would have been the exact response that the mullahs in Iran would be looking for. Retaliation by the United States would have been more than justified, but by showing restraint, the U.S. continues to have the upper hand.


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