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This past week, World Net Daily issued a new report on the spying activities of institutions like the Iranian Revolutionary Revolutionary Guards and its civilian affiliate, the Basij. Based on research by a worldwide Christian ministry, the report focused on how these organizations specifically target Iranian Christians, and how spying upon such individuals does not necessarily end just because they have left the Islamic Republic.

Contrary to Iran Lobby Claims, Regime Change Does Not End in War

One of the great falsehoods of the Iran lobby and the appeasers of the clerical regime in Tehran is that any effort at regime change would inevitably lead to war. This by-line can be seen in every article by the Iran lobby and the appeasers attempting to underscore the growing global support for the Iranian opposition (MEK/PMOI) and the Iranian people’s quest for regime change.

Iranian regime massacred over 30,000 political prisoners in summer of 1988, and kept silent about this atrocity for three decades. Most of the victims were members and supports of the main opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). This year in the presidential election as conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisie, one of the perpetrators of the massacre, was selected as one of the main candidates, the issue surfaced, forcing regime officials, one after another, to confess about the carnage.

Lethal international, economic and social crises that has plunged the Iranian regime into the dilemma it is currently facing on one hand, and the expanding support for the Iranian opposition MEK that can realize regime change in Iran on the other, have all injected utter fear amongst Tehran’s mullahs.

On Thursday it was reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran had announced the successful launch of a space launch vehicle from the Imam Khomeini Space Center, prompting the repetition of familiar criticisms by Western adversaries. American officials quickly declared that the test-launch “deeply violated” United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 because of the potential for the rocket system’s use in ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The Security Council resolution coincided with the implementation of the 2015 nuclear agreement and called upon the Islamic Republic to avoid work on such weapons for the duration of the agreement.

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives voted on a long-anticipated sanctions bill targeting the Islamic Republic of Iran along with Russia and North Korea. Progress on a previous version of the bill was delayed on procedural grounds after initially passing the Senate by a nearly unprecedented margin of 98-2.


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