Iran News Digest- July 16, 2014

By Iran News Update Staff 


Reuters reported on Wednesday that with just four days remaining until the deadline for a final nuclear deal, Iran may have finally started up the facility that would carry out the uranium conversion process required of Iran under the terms of the interim deal signed eight months earlier.

Iran News Digest- July 15, 2014


The New York Times reports that on Monday, following two days of meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif introduced a new outline for a possible nuclear deal, which took the unprecedented move of accepting limits on Iran’s enrichment capabilities. However, these purported limits would go no farther than freezing the current enrichment levels, which are far in excess of what Western powers are willing to accept.

Iran News Digest- July 14, 2014

Kerry and Zarif

On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met for the second straight day in Vienna to discuss the nuclear negotiations that are now in their final week before the July 20 deadline set by the interim agreement. Going into their private meetings, where they were accompanied by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Kerry and Zarif indicated that the purpose of the meeting was to assess whether progress would be possible in the time remaining.

Iran News Digest- July 13, 2014

Helping Hamas

An article on the Time magazine website repeated news that had come out earlier in the week indicating that rockets recently fired into Israel are of the same type as rockets that were seized in transit between Iran and the Gaza Strip. The article also points out that Iran has been the primary source of help in Hamas’s development of its domestic weapons manufacturing. This program of supplying and supporting Hamas has helped the militant group’s rockets to reach one third farther into Israel in the past two years.

Iran News Digest- July 10, 2014

Reactions to Nuclear Talks

In an editorial at Front Page Mag, Majid Rafizadeh, president of the International American Council, reinterprets another editorial from earlier this week by US Secretary of State John Kerry. He quotes Kerry’s delicate criticism of the Iranian position at nuclear talks and concludes that what Kerry is really saying is that “Iran has been buying time and fooling us,” and that Obama administration policies have thus failed.

Iran News Digest- July 8, 2014

More Centrifuges!

With the deadline for a nuclear agreement less than two weeks away, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued a statement on his website on Monday, in which he complicated the talks by further raising Iranian demands for enrichment capability. In it, he insisted that his officials had determined that the nation requires 190,000 separative work unites (SWUs) – the equivalent of 190,000 first-generation centrifuges – to fulfill its domestic enrichment need.

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