Iran News Digest- July 7, 2014

Another Day Without Nuclear Progress

 The global media continues to diligently report on the progress of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1, even though there is virtually no progress to speak of. The AP reports that the two sides are no closer to an agreement on the number of centrifuges or the quantity of enrichment that Iran would be permitted. Neither has Iran shown willingness to convert the Arak heavy water facility in order to alleviate Western concerns that it is aimed at providing a plutonium pathway to nuclear weapons. With little to no progress and the deadline for an agreement now less than two weeks away, an extension of negotiations seems increasingly likely.

Iran News Digest- July 6, 2014

No Nuclear Compromise

 On Thursday, some outlets reported that Iran had finally lowered its demands for how many uranium enrichment centrifuges it would insist upon keeping in the country under an acceptable nuclear deal. Even if this information had been correct, such a deal still wouldn’t have been acceptable to Western negotiators, who have been struggled to reduce Iranian demands on that point by roughly a factor of ten.

Iran News Digest- July 5, 2014


Nuclear Talks Resume

 Discussions between the P5+1 and Iran over the nation’s nuclear program have just entered what will be their last round of talks if the two sides are able to reach an agreement before July 20. Reportedly, all parties are focused on meeting that self-imposed deadline, although there are doubts about whether persistent differences can be resolved regarding some of the most fundamental topics, such as the extent of Iranian enrichment capability. 

Iran News Digest- June 24, 2014


More Arrests for Dancing 

Iranian officials have arrested two people for singing and dancing in an online video aimed at showing support for Iran’s national team in the World Cup soccer tournament. The video features scenes from both inside and outside of Iran, with a number of people dancing, some of them women who were not wearing their legally mandated hijabs. 

"Over Five Million" Drug Addicts in Iran


At the start of “Fight Against Addictive Drugs” week in Iran, the Office of Health Promotion and Education of Islamic Republic discussed the 5 million addicts in the country.


ShahramRafifar, head of the Office of Health Promotion and Education at the Ministry of Health in Iran, stated in a June 17thinterview with the Iranian Students News Agency(ISNA) that in addition to addicts, the health of their families, wives and children are also at risk.


According to Rafifar, about 5 million people of the Iranian population are pathologically drug abusers.While these figures are announced, the daily News Paper Arman published in Tehran reported on Tuesday that Saeed Safatian, former Iranian Director General of "therapy" in anti-drug campaign said that he believed the true number of addicts to be closer to 3.5 million. In 2007, Safatian claimed there was only 1.2 million addicts.



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