Iran’s World cup woes

An article at Bleacher Report discusses some of the challenges facing the Iran National Team as it gets ready for competition in the World Cup Soccer tournament next week. The team has reportedly received little to none of the government support that it needs in order to train properly, and even the team’s coach recognized that Iranian soccer was at a disadvantage going into preparations.

Iran News Digest- June 11, 2014

Expanding Borders

 The support of terrorism is understood by some to be part of an Iranian campaign for virtual dominance of the Middle East region. In an editorial at Al-Arabiya, political policy advisor Dr. Walid Phares warns about this situation exactly. He points out that Iranian officials have directly stated that their borders, in a military sense, extend to the Mediterranean Sea, and he looks at some of the implications of this expansionism.

Iran News Digest- June 10, 2014


 According to the Frontier Post, Iran has contradicted earlier reports by Pakistan, and has categorically rejected the request for a waiver allowing Pakistan to delay completion of the joint pipeline project between those two countries. Iran intends to impose a fine of three million dollars per day if the pipeline is not completed by December of this year.

Iran News Update: Weekend Roundup- June 8, 2014


US-European Tensions Over Iran

Business Week, prior to this weekend, reported on the discrepancy between US and European trade data with respect to Iran. Last year, US shipments increased by 35 percent, totaling to a rise of approximately 315 million dollars. By contrast, European trade decreased by a staggering 77 percent. The vast difference is apparently attributable to differing application of US-led sanctions, with American companies being subject to a much greater proportion of exceptions to those globally-mandated restrictions.

Iran News Digest- June 5, 2014

White House: Iranian Oil Not Needed

 Although the next round of nuclear talks is still more than a week away, the eyes of the world are still focused on the issue, and spokespeople on all sides are expressing their own concerns and expectations, while some are weighing in with political rhetoric, as well.

Iran News Digest- June 4, 2014

Nuclear Demands and Expectations                 

According to the AP, the United States and its allies are firmly emphasizing that Iran must provide a full account of its past nuclear activities before a final deal is struck on topics such as enrichment capability and ballistic missile supplies.

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