Iran News Digest- June 3, 2014

Nuclear Deal Likely to be Delayed

There is now less than two weeks until the next round of nuclear negotiations, and the outlook for them is increasingly uncertain. The latest obstacle comes in the form of the slow pace of dealings between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Authority, which is investigating Iran’s past nuclear advancements to confirm or deny its pursuit of an atomic bomb. This process is technically separate from the six-party negotiations, but it is generally accepted that the outcome of the investigation, as well as Iran’s transparency with the IAEA, will determine the final Western position. 

Iran News Digest- June 2, 2014

Khosravi Executed 

Despite a flurry of effort by the Iranian opposition and some human rights groups to intercede, GholamrezaKhosravi was executed on Sunday morning, approximately five days after he was transferred from his solitary cell in Evin Prison to a section of Gohardasht Prison usually reserved for inmates awaiting execution. 

Iran News Digest- May 28, 2014

Looming Political Execution 

Through its sources inside the country, the National Council of Resistance of Iran learned on Wednesday that Gholamreza Khossravi was transferred out of his cell in Ward 350 of Tehran’s Evin Prison, and moved onto death row, from whence he could be taken to be hanged at any time. The NCRI has since issued appeals to the United Nations and to various governments in hopes that the international community will intercede to save Khossravi’s life.

Iran News Digest- May 27, 2014

Zuckerberg Summoned 

A judge from southern Iran made international headlines with the bold but ultimately ineffectual move of ordering Facebook CEO and American citizen Mark Zuckerberg to appear before an Iranian court. An official explained that the command sought to make Zuckerberg answer to charges that the internet applications he owns have led to privacy violations in Iran. The judge also raised the possibility of payment for damages, and ordered the banning of those applications that are not already blocked nationwide. 

Iran News Digest- May 26, 2014

Khamenei’s Battle

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has formerly made statements rejecting any possible attempts to limit the nation’s ballistic missile stockpiles or otherwise restrain its ability to make war on foreign nations. On Sunday, he put these commitments into broader context when he urged the Iranian parliament to continue an ongoing ideological war with its ideological opponents in the West. Ironically, Khamenei also used the same speech to levy accusations of treason against anyone who acknowledges Iranian aggression.

Iran News Digest- May 23, 2014

The Iranian Diaspora Twitter Storm

The Iranian Diaspora and online followers on Friday, to stormsocial media with slogans and hashtags aimed at starting discussions about the abuses of the Iranian regime and promoting the  Iranian opposition conference scheduled to take place in Paris on June 27.

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