Iran's Southern Province Engulfed in Dust

Due to a heavy dust, the air pollution in Hormozgan province (southern Iran)  continues to remain for Tuesday November 22.The amount of dust is so high that the schools were closed on Tuesday for the second

Obama Failed to Extend His Hand to the Iranian People. Donald Trump Should Not

President Obama’s legacy regarding the Iranian Regime has been the subject of two op-ed this weekend.

Amir Basiri, an Iranian human rights activist, wrote for the Washington Examiner that President Obama chose to build his Middle East policy on dialogue because he believed that appeasement could transform a nuclear-weapon-seeking, terrorism-sponsoring, fundamentalism-exporting enemy into a critical US ally.

Iran News Digest September 17, 2014

Reactions to Rouhani

The lack of military cooperation and progress at negotiations between the US and Iran has other parallels. Person-to-person interactions between the officials of the two nations may be fledgling now, as evidenced by the statements issued by both Tehran and Washington in anticipation of President Rouhani’s speech on September 25 at the UN General Assembly. While it was once speculated that the two figures might meet face-to-face, their administrations have specifically declared that this possibility is remote at best.

Iran: Eyes on the Americas

In an article Titled, “Iran’s Tango with Latin America,” National Interest recounts evidence that Iran has been engaged in a long project of expanding its influence to American adversaries in the Western hemisphere, particularly Venezuela.

Iran News Digest September 3, 2014

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Weapons and Counterintelligence Claims

Iranian officials on Tuesday claimed to have unveiled a new type of surface-to-air missile, as well as two new radar systems, according to the AFP. The Talash-3 missile supposedly gives Iran the ability to hit targets at a higher altitude than previously possible, although aviation defense commander General Farzad Esmaili did not specify the actual range. His comments did however invoke Iran’s unconfirmed claims about downing an Israeli drone last week, implying that Iran would now be capable of doing more of the same.

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