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Iran's Oil Exports in June Down 10 Percent

Iran's oil exports in June havedecreased 10 percent compared to the month before,but its average oil exports in the first half of this year is higher than the level expected by the U.S., Reuters reported.

Who Is To Blame?

The June 30 headline of the DonyaEghtesad (world economy), a newspaper in Iran, outlines the current state of Iran's economy and points out that the most important duty of government is to create better living conditions for the citizens. The article reads:

U.S. Treasury: Iran’s economy remains in a state of distress

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says " Iran’s economy remains in a state of distress" and impact of the sanctions will not be reversed.

“Iran sanctions are the toughest the world community has imposed on any country and its economy is suffering a serious blow as a result – an impact that is not being reversed,” Mr. Lew said.

Iran: In Some Families, 3 Or 4 College-Educated Youth Are Unemployed

On Sunday, June 15th,2014,Mohssein Biglari MP Representative of the cities Saghez and Bane in Parliament Assembly said:

 We must think and come up with solutions to solve the problem of youth unemployment in our country, particularly with educated young people. These students struggled to go to university and were motivated to do so by the promise that it would help their careers. But today with a BA and MA and even PhD they are still unemployed.”

Oil Figures and “Free” Exports to Syria

Political figures and the media may have finally addressed one of the key points of confusion in the West’s dealing with Iran amidst negotiations over the Iran nuclear program. The interim agreement, called the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), was agreed upon by Iran and the P5+1 last November, and went into effect in January. One of its provisions was that Iran would be expected to limit its oil exports throughout the interim period, which will end on July 20 if a deal is reached on time, but may be extended for six months if it isn’t. 

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