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The deputy of construction of Tehran’s governor confirmed the 25% rent rate of Taxis in Tehran by the capital’s governorship.On Saturday, Hossein Karimi said in a news conversation about the time of increasing the rent rate of taxis in Tehran: The city council of Tehran adopted the 25% increase in rent rate of taxi in 2014 and this resolution was confirmed by the governorship of Tehran. Based on this resolution from May 6 of current year the increase in rents of Tehran’s taxis will be implemented and the townships of Tehran Province are also expecting the adoption of councils and confirmation of governorships.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese refiner Idemitsu Kosan Co said it will buy either no crude or a maximum of one cargo from Iran in the year through March 2015, a move that could keep at bay any potential U.S. pressure over oil shipments from the Islamic republic.

NCRI - Iranian workers should put 'morality and kissing the hands of the leader' before their wages - which have plunged to almost a third of the poverty line income, a senior cleric has declared.Ahmad Jannati, chairman of the Guardian Council said during Tehran's Friday prayers: "The workers in Iran should not think only of having an income and feeding themselves. They should think of moralities. The workers should kiss the hands of the Supreme Leader."

Vague Statements from the West: Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met at the White House on Friday to discuss shared foreign policy goals. While Iranian nuclear negotiations were reportedly on the agenda for the meeting, they took a back seat to the issue that is dominating European and American foreign policy: Russian intervention in Ukraine.

May Day-Despite government attempts to suppress any demonstrations, reports have come out of Iran describing rallies taking place in several regions. The government attempted to stage its own event in Tehran, featuring a speech by President Rouhani and government-made placards and banners. Still, about 1,000 workers descended on Azadi Square in a peaceful demonstration. 23 arrests led to Tehran transportation workers being detained in Evin Prison. A number of other arrests were reported in other localities.

Sanctions Enforcements?Shortly after announcing that it was offering a $5 million reward for the capture of a Chinese businessman responsible for selling ballistic missile components to Iran, the United States Department of the Treasury issued a statement on Tuesday announcing the enforcement of sanctions against the six companies owned by that individual, as well as against a company and two executives from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who are accused of helping Iran to circumvent oil sanctions.

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