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May Day-Despite government attempts to suppress any demonstrations, reports have come out of Iran describing rallies taking place in several regions. The government attempted to stage its own event in Tehran, featuring a speech by President Rouhani and government-made placards and banners. Still, about 1,000 workers descended on Azadi Square in a peaceful demonstration. 23 arrests led to Tehran transportation workers being detained in Evin Prison. A number of other arrests were reported in other localities.

Sanctions Enforcements?Shortly after announcing that it was offering a $5 million reward for the capture of a Chinese businessman responsible for selling ballistic missile components to Iran, the United States Department of the Treasury issued a statement on Tuesday announcing the enforcement of sanctions against the six companies owned by that individual, as well as against a company and two executives from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who are accused of helping Iran to circumvent oil sanctions.

April 29, 2014-All Eyes on Iraqi Election:Tomorrow will mark the first national elections that Iraq has had since US forces left the country. Reporters and commentators have a lot to say about what this means for Iraq, for the broader region, and for Iran. The nature of Iranian interest in the elections is a matter of debate, but there is apparent consensus on the idea that Iran stands to be affected by the outcome. 

Despite extensive propaganda and requests by Rouhani’s government to the Iranian people to forgo receiving aid baskets, only 3% did not accept aid. This 3% is indicative of the extent of popular support for this government, as well as an indication of the poverty rampant in the country.

Reuters reports that Iranian crude oil exports fell in April, for the second month. The reasons are unclear, although the latest figures – an average of about 1.1 million barrels per day – is notably close to the 1 million barrel limit specified by the Joint Plan of Action as part of an interim deal between Iran and the P5+1 nuclear negotiators.

In a speech addressed to Mullah’s Regime officials, Grand Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli, the conservative Islamic scholar and politician from Qom, levied a series of harsh criticisms against the government in Tehran, declaring that it “lacks the competence to sustain itself.”


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