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By allowing the price of flour and wheat to float, the price of bread as the most important food for the poor or low income families may more than double and reach 2.5 times the current price.

The economic crisis in Iran and the many Iranians below poverty line continue to haunt the Iranian regime. Six months after the Rouhani administration took over, the economy continues to worsen and the price for basic goods has gone up. 

Source:New York Times- By THOMAS ERDBRINK

TEHRAN — Suffering in an economy dragged down by years of mismanagement and the effects of international sanctions, Iran’s increasingly impoverished middle class voted in huge numbers last summer for President Hassan Rouhani, who promised to reignite growth by restoring ties with the rest of the world.

Rouhani’s Deputy Minister of Labor in International Affairs, speaking about the fact that most children bought and sold have no birth certificate, said: “The children of Darvazeh Ghar in Tehran are a bitter reality, but they do exist. The purchase and sale of children is one of the problems of today’s society and it is tormenting.”

Abbas Akhondi, Rouhani’s Minster of Transportation and Housing, speaking in the 6th conference on the Development of a Finance System in Iran on March 2nd, said: “Currently, we are in a great economic tumult. We have not yet reached a conclusion as to how we are going to confront poverty. Until this problem is resolved we would be still engaged with this problem.”

“A group circumvented nation’s interests in skirting the sanctions. They took people’s money and put it in their own pockets and stole it. Before, when I talked about one billion dollar theft, it astonished everyone, now I have to say that the figure is not one billion dollars, it is rather $2.6 billion and I am not even sure that that is all. There may be other things as well,” In a February 27th speech made in Hormozgan, southern Iran, President Hassan Rouhani said.


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