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An editorial on February 16th in the state run daily newspaper, Mardom Salari, commented on the Iranian regime officials’ plans to reroute river waters and construct dams, which will allow a quick and inexpensive means to extract oil. 

The price of the USD went up last week from 3791 to 3797. The Bahar Azadi gold coin has gone up to 1,169,000 tomans – a rise of 5600 tomans since the day before. In the capital market, the shares of seven auto manufacturing groups traded lower.

A look at the numbers shows that while Iran may believe that it’s a major rising power in the the Middle East, it isn’t. Iran is far weaker than the superpower United States. The American GDP of over $18 trillion is more than 40 times the GDP of Iran ($450 billion). American GDP/capita is $53,000 while Iranian GDP/capita of $4,800, which is not even 10 percent of that figure.

By INU Staff 
INU - The New York Times reported on Thursday that a number of travel companies have halted plans for tours of Iran as a result of the increased barriers to travel between the Islamic Republic and the United States.

An article in Iran Focus on January 26 describes Iran currency as dropping to record lows. Meanwhile, the budget for the next calendar year (March 2017 to March 2018), presented by the cabinet of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is described as a “moderate”, which is currently under review in Iran’s parliament, is a fully military-security budget, according to economic analysts. 

An article published on January 23 in VOA News reports that Afghan governors in southern and western provinces charged Iran with using their relationship with the Afghan Taliban to target power and water projects on Tehran's behalf.


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