Mehr News Agency, which is affiliated with the intelligence ministry, reported on April 22 that based on an official report by the Statistical Center of Iran, the prices of all 30 basic items and services have trended upward.

The report compared the period between April 2015 and April 2016 to the same period during the previous year. It found that prices in the category of food, beverages and tobacco had gone up by 10.8% while foods and beverages alone have gone up by 9.4%. Bread and grain have increased by 9.5%.

The price of red and white meat products has increased by 4.5%; fish and oysters are up 12.9%; milk, cheese and eggs 8.7%; oils and fats 3.5%; fruits and dried fruit 11.7%; vegetables 13.1%; and sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets are up 9.7%.

Likewise, tea, coffee, cacao, soft drinks and fruit juice are up 8%; clothing and shoes 8.2%; housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 13.9%; rents 10.8%; renovation of homes is up 11.4%.

Transportation is up 9%, communications 2.8%, recreation and cultural activities 9.7%, education 16.2%, and hotels and restaurants 13%.

The Statistical Center reports that collectively, all goods are up 10.1% and services are up by 11.6%. The importance of these two groups for families are respectively at 50.7% and 49.3%. The prices of items that are more important to families have gone up more.

This increase in prices is despite the fact that President Hassan Rouhani’s government had set decrease of prices as a primary goal and had promised that following the nuclear deal, Iran’s economic situation would improve.