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Has nuclear agreement had any effect on the Iranian economy?

Alinaghi Khamoushi

According to Alef website, Alinaghi Khamoushi, former head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce in an interview with “Naseem Online” said that Rouhani government, despite the passage of more than 2.5 years of its life, has done nothing for the country’s economy and we see that before the banks’ situation being improved, monetary policies are faced with many problems and policies of the government planning program are very weak and unfortunately in the Rouhani government, the country is run entirely ad hoc.

Elsewhere in the interview, Khamoushi added that currently you are unable to find any economic activist who is satisfied with the economic decisions of the Rouhani government. There isn’t a single day that voice of dissatisfaction of economic actors or producers from a corner of the country is not heard.

Tasnim news agency quoted Eshaq Jahangiri, the First Vice President of Rouhani, on March 16, 2016  commenting about the possibility of decreasing prices of some commodities and goods in the New Year with implementation of JCPOA, said that this is not a realistic expectation. 

In the meantime, according to Tasnim news agency, Abbas Araghchi, the Iranian regime deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said on February 26 that economic growth should not be expected from JCPOA, hoping that that with its signing, all economic doors would be opened up to Iran. 


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