Siasat Rooz website wrote on April 25th: “The fact that over 70 million Iranians registered to receive the aid basket and just 2.4 million abstained demonstrated the reality of Rouhani’s inability to gain approval of the people. This is while government officials used propaganda tools, especially the national media, to get people not to register or to abstain from receiving the aid package. 

The extent of the propaganda was such that some senior government officials expressed their satisfaction about the extent of radio activities and television programs and in broadcasting propaganda in this regard. Of course, the government was more or less cognizant of what was going to happen, since the opinion polls conducted prior showed that over 90% of the people would register to receive the aid package.”

This governmental website acknowledges another bitter reality as well: 

“A written declaration shows that over 60% of the Iranian people have an income less than 600,000 tomans (equal to $187) per month. This is a bitter reality that both yesterday’s statesmen from left and right, as well as today’s statesmen who are reformist or principlist, should shed much tears on! 

Worse yet would be for the present statesmen in the executive branch to put the blame on the former government. Rouhani’s policies are unable to solve people’s economic problems.”

The website refers to the end of Rouhani’s honeymoon period and writes: 

“Rouhani’s government, in its record of less than a year, has failed to gain the public’s trust. This includes even those who voted for him and for his policies and programs; otherwise, he should have seen a 40% abstention by the people, compared to the 3% who actually abstained.”

“The solution for Rouhani’s government is to courageously acknowledge its failure in gaining the trust of the people, instead of putting the blame on this or that person. The president should focus on the will of the Iranian people rather than achieving his election campaign promises.”