Mohammadreza Nazarnejad, Head of the Sangak Bakers Union (Sangak is a famous Persian bread), who was speaking with ILNA news agency on March 22 noted that currently the Sangak breads lack quality and appropriate weight. He said: “Since two years ago, a state directive ordered the Sangak breads to weigh 410 grams, reduced from the usual 500 grams, and the bread to be sold for 600 tomans. This gave rise to popular discontent. Presently, as the price of flour and wheat is allowed to float, the price of flour will double for the baker and therefore the price of bread can reach up to 2.5 times the current price.”

According to ILNA, on February 23, Abbas Qobadpour, Minister of Industry and Mines of Rouhani’s government, had spoken of a suggestion to allow the price of flour and wheat to be determined by the market with the immediate effect of soaring bread prices.

According to the published statistics, every night in Iran over 4 million people go to bed hungry. Bread is the most basic food for Iranians, especially for the large strata of those under the poverty line.