Yousefi said, “People’s inference of these statistics is that it is the officials’ way of justifying the wrong economic policies, instead of implementing the right policies. Me as an economist do not understand the statistics centre publishes such statistics for whom and d this statistic is important for whom because the government before all should actually show we have economic growth in which areas?”

Yousef is an economic expert, who describes the regime’s claims as “misleading and deceptive”. He continued, “There is no statistically significant increase in economic growth until the recession is over. The key issue is whether increased economic growth has led to an increase in employment in the country? Has people’s income increased and social welfare has somewhat upgraded? Has industrial exports increased?”

He goes on to say, “If there are no answers to any of the questions raised and that investment and production in the country are still in recession and crisis, it is better for the officials to keep the statistics for themselves, because the publication of such figures is highly misleading and deceptive and they should avoid their release.”

Acknowledging nearly four decades of economic inefficiencies in the clerical regime, Yousef said, “Unfortunately, officials have not learned from the four decades of negative economic growth and past experiences. I do not agree with these statistics and indicators at all, because we have to pay attention to indicators that are important, efficient and tangible for the people.”

“Economic growth is an average of the thousands of goods, and it is unclear the growth has been created due to the combination of what factors. I think the time has reached to an end for some people who unknowingly put all their focus on economic growth in order to announce figures and end their work in line with the growth of the Iranian economy.”

In reference to the regime’s efforts regarding the economic problems of the people, he said, “I have repeatedly told the authorities not to look for statistics because it is nothing more than a waste of time … Unless economic problems are fully and radically overcome, we cannot hope that the economic growth would be achieved. Unfortunately, providing such figures and statistics shows that officials have not learned their lessons about the economic problems of the community.”