In an interview, the Political/Economic Analyst and member of NCRI, Yazdan Haj Hamzeh stated: 

“Having made a statement on 30th October 2016, the spokesman for the IRGC or public relations officer named Sharifnami announced that the Chief Commander of IRGC has sent a new official order to the commanders of the provincial capitals that IRGC will deal with the security threat of unemployment.  In this notice, the Chief Commander ordered to establish headquarters known as progress and prosperity. Nevertheless, it is not clear how and in what form they want to set them up. 

“Sharifnami said that these headquarters are established to provide a sustainable security for people by using the local and governmental facilities and as well as the army’s contribution to generating employment. 

“Therefore, not only does IRGC meddle in the economic situation of Iran but it also takes measures for the unemployment and analyzes it as a security issue. 

“The significant issue is to deal with the unemployment which requires an investment. The funding cannot be supplied from the internal resources and the insolvent banks. The banks have gone bust.” 

Regarding the consequences of IRGC’s intervention on the problem of unemployment on the eve of regime’s election, Mr. Haj Hamzeh said,as the IRGC entered the issue of unemployment, subsequently it has security aspect, hence the situation will be more complicated because any intervention made by IRGC with this nature in the past has always been destructive. 

“When the Revolutionary Guard performs a crucial role in Iran’s economy, there would not be any prospect for the Iran’s regime to attract foreign investments and to take out loans from abroad. 

“Therefore, we are on the eve of Iran’s presidential election and the conflict among the society and Iran’s government has increased and the partisan conflict will also rise over the increasing issue of unemployment. This is the perspective of our future.”