Mohammad-hassan Rajabei, Commander of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in Kurdistan, admitted to this phenomenon and alluded to the fact that the IRGC is taking advantage of these deprived people who have no other way to make a living but Koulbarei. He stated, “The business of those living on the border in Kurdistan province has been very effective security-wise and is helping these people make a living and until the unemployment problem is resolved in Kurdistan, Koulbarei in the border area should continue. Over 10,000 people of Kurdistan make a living this way and we consider this an effective way to create jobs and also help with the security in the region.” (Iranian regime official news agency of IRNA, 8 November 2013)

Reports from inside Iran indicate that this great army of the unemployed and deprived people striving to earn a minimum livelihood is growing in number in a country where every night four million people go to bed hungry. In reality, the catastrophe of unemployment channels the Kurdish laborers to Koulbarei. In Kurdistan, the age of laborers working in this job ranges from 13 years old to 60. Passing mountainous terrain and the rivers on the way in hot and cold has taken many lives from this deprived class.