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People’s Plight in the Kingdom of Mullahs in Iran

INU Inside News –  Recently the residents of the Aliabad locality in the Ahwaz city demonstrated in front their municipality protesting against non-existence of basic amenities like sewage disposal. They complained the roads of the locality remain unpaved for the last 45 years despite the fact that the locality is situated in the vicinity of the city airport.

On 5 December last the employees of deep bore water supply company Sadra Bushahr went on strike against non-payment of their salaries for the last three months. A representative of the strikers stated that their condition has worsened since the company owned by an IRGC-controlled enterprise was sold to a private party expert in road-building. Uninterested in water supply he retrenched about 180 workers and technicians and the remaining were not paid any salary for the past three months bringing them to the verge of starvation.

On 6 December the peasants of Kharasgan and eastern Isfahan staged a demonstration in front of the Power Ministry building in Tehran protesting against non-availability of irrigation water due to drying up of the Zaind River. A junior minister persuaded them to go back on assurance of solving their problem.

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