The global happiness index is prepared on criteria based on the per capita income of a country and the people’s hope for a healthy life. So far in 2022, Iran has been voted as one of the saddest countries in the world, ranking near the end of the table at 110th place, and sitting close to countries like Iraq, Venezuela, Niger, and the Gambia, to name but a few.

In comparison to Iran, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), despite being a very small country in the desert, ranked 24th place. According to the World Tourism Organization, and by the claims of the regime, around 5.1 million people traveled to Iran in 2021. Most of them were religious pilgrims, but there were significantly fewer travelers from developed countries.

In the same period, more than 7.28 million people traveled to the UAE. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the UAE saw about 25 million travelers enter the country, at least three times more than Iran, as announced by the UNWTO. Even though the UAE is only a small desert country with fewer historical monuments and biodiversity, and does not have a four-season climate, it offers much more to travel seekers and is a more welcoming, tourist-friendly country.

Each year, the reputable institute of Henley & Partners, which ranks the world’s countries’ passports, ranked Iran at number 104. This is an important index because this specifies the number of destinations that citizens of each country can travel to without a visa.

This index is a sign of international prestige and credit and shows how many countries recognize you as a developed and prospective country and greatly welcome your citizens into their countries.

In this ranking, Japan has been deemed the most welcoming country worldwide, while the UAE was the most welcoming in the Middle East. Iran, along with countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, was ranked among the worst countries in terms of passport validity. At present, Iranian citizens can only travel to 42 countries without a visa, and these countries are mostly poor African countries.

Another index that shows Iran’s dire situation is the statistics of Transparency International Organization, based in Germany. In terms of corruption, Iran is one of the worst countries in the world and has been ranked at 150, even lower than countries like Bangladesh and Uganda.

According to the statistics of the World Bank, the per capita income (GDP per capita) of the citizens of the UAE for 2022 is around 41,800 dollars. The same source announced that the per capita income of Iranian citizens is barely 3,500 dollars. This large difference has created a huge gap between the welfare levels of the citizens of the two countries.

Recently, a member of Tehran’s city council stated that this “city is out of control.”  The Metropoles of the country are greatly suffering from pollution, poverty, and the social gap. The Economist Intelligence Unit provided a list for 2022 of cities with the best livability conditions. According to this index, Tehran is one of the worst cities in the world, ranking at 163. As expected, the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE are at the top of the list.

Even according to the index of the Economist Impact, in terms of digital cities, Dubai is ranked much higher than Iran’s cities. The World Economic Forum ranked Dubai as the best city in the Middle East in terms of entrepreneurship. In this report, along with Belarus and Sudan, Iran was mentioned as the most unsuitable country for entrepreneurship.

While considering the bankruptcy of the regime’s airline industry, the ‘Homa’ airline has registered a cumulative loss of 9,000 billion rials, whereas Emirates airlines are on the list of the most profitable and successful airlines in the world. Also, the ranking of the UAE in areas such as fintech, banking, international trade, water management, and various other areas is much higher than the regime.

There is no doubt that the regime’s destructive policies not only were destructive but have embarrassed the entire nation.