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The presidential elections in Iran were engineered in 2005 and 2009. There are grave concerns that the same will happen with the elections due to take place next month. The engineering of previous elections was carried out by the “principalists”, a faction that is loyal to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. 

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The Iranian presidential elections are due to take place later this month. Described by many as a “sham”, the elections are not democratic and they are not fair. The Iranian regime is going through some of the worst crises it has ever faced and the elections will make the situation even worse. 

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Numerous state media outlets in Iran have reported in recent days that there is a new campaign manager for one of the presidential candidates in the upcoming elections that are due to take place next month. Alarmingly, this new campaign manager is one of the main people responsible for the attacks on the Saudi embassy and consulate in Iran in 2016. 

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Although Iran’s economy is highlighted in the debates for the upcoming Iranian election on May 19, no real plan or solution to improve the lives of Iranian citizens, their poverty and their unemployment, have emerged.

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Kurdish voters have been called upon to boycott the upcoming general elections in the country by Iran’s exiled Kurdish opposition groups, who have described the May elections as “a masquerade” staged by “a regime that has deprived the human and just rights” of the people in Iran’s Kurdistan.

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The state-run Iranian media group, Afkar News, has defended a presidential candidate, Ebrahim Raisi, over his role in the 1988 massacre which killed 30,000 political prisoners.

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