Iran Election

Voter Fraud Allegations in Iran

In the latest story to display the deepening rift at the top of the Iranian Regime, some of the losing presidential candidates have accused incumbent Hassan Rouhani of voter fraud in the May 19, ‘elections’.

Iran: Where Exactly Is Rouhani's Moderation?

By INU Staff

INU - The recent elections in Iran were anything but democratic. It started as a selection process where the Guardian Council basically eliminated anyone who did not adhere strictly to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s vision of Iran. In Iran there has been a history of elections being engineered and this election is no exception.

Iran: How Can Rouhani Be Described as a Moderate?

By INU Staff

INU - President Trump was recently in Saudi Arabia where he managed to line the kingdom and Israel up in what many are calling a “Nato-style coalition” against Iran – the country they believe is at the center of all the problems in the Middle East. Trump, during his first few weeks in office, seemed to shy away from Muslims. Now he is allied with a large part of the Muslim world.

Iran: Rouhani's Promises to the People Will Never Be Realised

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has just been re-elected for another term. He was up against rival Ebrahim Raisi. Rouhani is considered by many as the lesser of two evils, but this is by no means to say that Rouhani is a promising choice. Indeed, he has been president for the past four years and nothing has really improved for the people of Iran.

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