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The Munich Security Conference this year heard harsh criticism by numerous countries, who took strong positions against Iran, calling it “part of the problem, not the solution, in establishing peace and security in the Middle East.”

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INU - Various recent reports, at Iran News Update and elsewhere, have emphasized the apparent increase in multilateral resistance to Iran’s destabilizing activities and influence in the broader Middle East. It is generally understood that emergence of assertive foreign policy postures among such nations as Turkey has largely been in reaction to the leadership offered by the White House, which is committed, in word if not yet in deed, to confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran over its nuclear program, missile development, and support for international terrorism.

By INU Staff 
INU - On Friday, CBS News reported upon yet another close encounter between American and Iranian naval vessels in the waters of the Middle East. Previously, US Navy officials had reported that the frequency of such encounters had more than doubled in the wake of the conclusion of nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers in July 2015. Each reported incident had been instigated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which operates independently of the Iranian Navy.

Formulating a policy toward Iran may be one of the new US administration’s most challenging tasks, as Tehran continues to present policy difficulties, including the nuclear program, its expanding network of armed militias, and its missile program.

Engaging and appeasing Iran’s “moderates” is a persistent position being espoused in Washington. As the Iranian presidential “elections” taking place on May 18 grow closer, the idea that “friendly policies” will empower the “moderates” has been repeated by a large number of Iran experts in Washington.

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INU - On Sunday and Monday, Iranian regime conducted extensive military exercises utilizing its navy vessels and weaponry. Similar exercises are conducted each year at this time, but whether they are routine or exceptional, such demonstrations generally double as outlets for anti-Western sentiment and the announcement of Iranian plans for the expansion of its own power in the region, particularly as a counterpoint to American influence.

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INU - Stating that the reasons behind Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s death remain unclear, the daughter of the former Iranian President and chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council, Fatima Rafsanjani, said in an interview with Iranian ISNA news that the statements of the Health Minister and several doctors who examined her father “were inaccurate and contradictory.”


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