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INU - Throughout the weekend and well into Monday, much of the media’s attention has been focused on President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting most travel to the United States from seven nations that the previous administration had identified as particular areas of concern for terrorist recruitment and exportation. The new action also indefinitely ceased the Syrian refugee program, and many critics referred to it as a “Muslim ban” or the first step in the direction of the more comprehensive ban on foreign-born Muslims that Trump had proposed while campaigning for the presidency.

The Trump Administration have made significant changes to their Middle East engagement policy in the past week.

In his January 26 article for The American Thinker, Shahriar Kia, political analyst and member of Iranian opposition (PMOI/MEK) writes about the coming year.  There’s a new administration in Washington, upcoming French elections, as well as those in Iran, and “unprecedented developments in the making in the Middle East and on the international stage.”

In 2015 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif said to domestic opponents that the Iran nuclear deal is the greatest victory for Islam and Iran since the Revolution.

The Iranian presidential election is due to take place shortly. The word “election” must be used quite loosely because it is more of an announcement about who has been chosen to be president.

In his January 25 article for The Thinker, Heshmat Alavi, political and rights activist focusing on Iran, looks at the policymaking mechanisms at work in Iran, especially with the upcoming Iranian presidential election.


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