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We should not be so quick to celebrate resuming diplomatic relations with Iran, warns Christopher Booker, a journalist for The Sunday Telegraph.

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INU - In an article for The Wall Street Journal, former Senator, Joseph I. Lieberman, sets out the evidence of Iran's complicity with al Qaeda and other extremist Sunni groups.  On the anniversary of 9/11, Senator Lieberman declares, "Remember Iran’s role."

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INU- Several different groups gathered in the Iranian capital this past Sunday to protest in front of the parliament.

Demonstrators included: preschool teachers, financial victims of the Samenolhojaj Institute, people from The Petroleum University of Technology and several other groups according to state run news agency ILNA.

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INU - Thousands of Iranian Azeris attended anti-regime rallies in north-west Iran on Tuesday.

The rallies, held in Tavriz and Orumieh (Urmia), were organized by following the publication of derogatory statements about them in the state-run paper, Tarhe-No, on July 20. The Azeris are Iran’s largest ethnic minority group.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that a video game featuring a purportedly accurate depiction of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution had been banned by the clerical government after being characterized as “anti-Iranian” and “pro-America propaganda.” Fox News had previously reported upon the development and April release of the game, titled “1979 Revolution: Black Friday.” The lead designer and Iranian expatriate Navid Khonsari has reportedly received praise for translating the real historical event into a playable scenario that reflects the real-life accounts of dozens of people who were present during the revolution.

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INU -On Monday, new reports emerged in the global media regarding the censorship aspect of Iran’s crackdown on political dissent and perceived pro-Western or un-Islamic values. The country is already renowned for its control over media and the internet, with major social media sites being blocked and a number of reformist newspapers having been shut down just since the conclusion of the conclusion of nuclear negotiations last July. Additionally, hardline officials have frequently boasted of plans for even tighter controls over the internet, as by establishing a closed-off national internet, or “halalnet” that would allow the regime to filter out any number of individual content items that it determined to be objectionable.

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