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INU - Reportedly, in the latest figures to be compiled regarding the number of protests currently taking place in Iran, there are an average of 20 protests staged each day. One sector of the economic and social fabric of Iran staging protests is the nursing sector. The situation of the nursing community in Iran is getting the attention of the international community.

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INU - The Iranian government has been involved in talks with Western social media companies regarding the censoring of content to the approval of the country’s strict religious authorities. However, the companies have been criticized for a perceived lack of transparency in these talks.

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Iranian officials, including the country’s supreme leader, use Twitter, but it has been banned from use by ordinary Iranians for years, although this hasn’t stopped them from using it.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 2005 to 2013, has launched a surprising verbal attack on the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Ahmadinejad criticised him, saying that he is very similar to the former Shah of Iran that was overthrown during the 1979 revolution.

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INU - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was inaugurated for his second term in a luxurious ceremony that was attended by the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and others European elites.

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INU - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani introduced his cabinet to the regime’s parliament on Tuesday.

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