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INU - A the Daily Mail reports, the administration of US President Donald Trump moved on Wednesday to extend the waivers of certain sanctions against Iran, in line with the nuclear agreement that was negotiated under the previous administration. The extension comes at the end of the six-month period that had been initiated under by the Obama White House, and it casts some doubt upon the new administration’s commitment to undermining or strengthening an agreement that Trump himself had previously called “the worst deal ever made.”

Western policy toward the Islamic Republic of Iran appears to be changing in many significant ways. The new administration in United States has begun a new policy review.

Fear of an uprising from the citizens of Iran, as well as a power struggle between the regime’s factions, has escalated concern to a high level among Iran’s senior officials. 

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INU - Reports indicate that Iraj Jamshidi, editor of the ‘Asia Newspaper’ was arrested by security forces when leaving his home on Monday morning, May 8th.

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INU - Iranian officials have recently made extreme threats against regional rival Saudi Arabia, in a sign of the ongoing escalation of the Islamic Republic’s aggression toward other countries in the region. The move is predictable in light of the worsening tensions between the two countries, and the recent statements by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan were apparently offered in response to earlier statements by Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir apparent to the Arabian kingdom.

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INU - Dozens of miners killed, injured

A large explosion shook a coal mine in Golestan Province, northern Iran, due to excessive gas and leakage, and a poor ventilation system. This explosion left at least 35 people killed and dozens injured. A total of 34 miners have been trapped in the mine and many of the injured are suffering from severe gas infections.

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