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We Must Tackle Iran Regime’s Fake News

By INU Staff

INU - When we think of Iran’s meddling in the Middle East, we might rightly think of their sponsorship of terrorist groups or their prolonging o the Syrian Civil War, but we rarely think of their propaganda machine, which works non-stop to pump out fake news promoting the Regime’s agenda.

Indeed, the Iranian Regime funds and supports dozens of Arab media outlets, including social media, that are managed by their allies in order to praise the Regime’s victories. And Iran can never stop being perceived as victorious; after all, they do promote themselves as the hand of God on Earth.

Iranian Migrants on UK Shore Are Fleeing Despotic Regime

By INU Staff

INU - The British government and the press have declared the dozens of migrants arriving by dinghy on the Kent shoreline in recent weeks to be a “crisis”, but surely the real crisis is what drove them to leave their home nations and attempt to cross the English Channel.

Iran’s Foreign Policy Ambitions May Prompt Greater Alignment Among Its Adversaries

In a report published on Wednesday, Daily News Egypt called attention to the arguably transformative impact that Iran’s expanding regional influence has had on relations between Arab Muslim nations and the Jewish state of Israel. Emerging amidst stepped-up Israeli efforts to counter the Islamic Republic, as by destroying an Iranian weapons depot in Syria on December 25, the report quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying that Arab leaders view his government as an “indispensable ally” in the fight against Iran-backed militant groups.

Is the Iranian Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

By Mahmoud Hakamian

As the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution approaches, we are also seeing the one-year anniversary of the enormous uprising that spread across Iran during December 2017, that showed the world that regime change in Iran is inevitable.

The various factions of the regime — the hardeners and the so called’ reformists, may cite different aspects of the change, but they all share one goal, the survival and continuation of the status quo.

Europe must stop trying to save Iran Regime

By INU Staff

INU- Europe is still shamelessly trying to appease the Iranian Regime by sticking steadfastly to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal at seemingly any cost, which is awfully reminiscent of how British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain treated Hitler in the late 1930s, according to human rights advocate Heshmat Alavi.

US plan to counter in Iran working

By INU Staff

INU - Donald Trump’s main plan for Iran is to increase economic and diplomatic pressure to such a point that the Iranian Regime breaks, which would either bring the mullahs back to the negotiating table for a deal or allow the Iranian people to take over.

The Iranian Regime has been fighting every step of the way, seeking help from its allies in Europe and Asia, but they have not been successful.


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