New Takedowns Demonstrate the Persistence of Iran’s Online Disinformation


Facebook has been engaged in an ongoing battle with online disinformation ever since it was revealed that the social media platform had been used by foreign entities to undermine the integrity of the American electoral process during the 2016 presidential campaigns. Since first making a commitment to combat false and misleading accounts, Facebook has conducted a series of sweeps resulting in thousands of accounts and pages being shut down. The same is true of other social media giants including Twitter and the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram.

No Greater Security Risk to World Than Iran Regime

Iran regime global risk

The Iranian regime is in a desperate situation. It cannot find a solution to overcome the major international and domestic pressure that it is under and it is facing an impasse. Regime officials have also started to admit that there are no visible solutions to the challenges that the country faces.

Iran’s Economy Under the Revolutionary Guards’ Heel

Iran’s Economy Under the Revolutionary Guards’ Heel


Industrial development along with freedom, rule of law, and social security was the Iranian people’s goal in over 120 years of struggle. Based on Iranians’ experience, of course, this goal would not be achieved before establishing a pluralistic governing system whose priority is settling the problems of society instead of terrorizing neighbors with extremist entities. Unfortunately, under the rule of mullahs and their thugs, Iran is going through the darkest era of its history.

Sweden Arrests Spy for Iranian Regime

Iranian spy

During the course of 2018 alone, European intelligence agencies worked together and shared information about plots the Iranian regime had been instigating. Thanks to the efforts of all involved, a number of serious terrorist attacks were foiled before they could be carried out.

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