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INU - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired on Tuesday by US President Trump. He was replaced by CIA director Mike Pompeo. In a move that may further strain US ties with key European allies, it will probably mean the end of the Iran nuclear deal.

By INU Staff

INU - It was widely reported on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump had ousted Rex Tillerson from the position of Secretary of State and had appointed current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him. The possibility of this move had been discussed for months – a fact that the president acknowledged in his press conference regarding the decision. As CBS News reported, Trump’s remarks also underscored the fact that differences of opinion over the Iran nuclear deal has been a major factor in Tillerson’s firing.

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INU - The young people of Iran are planning to use the Iranian National Fire Festival (Charshanbeh Suri Fiesta) into a bold protest against the brutal mullahs and their cruel regime and it has the mullahs terrified.

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INU - On the last Tuesday of the year for millennia, the Iranian people have celebrated with a Fire Festival to bid farewell to the winter and despite intense pressure from the ruling mullahs, they will do so again this year.

On Monday, a report in the Washington Post detailed the public measures that are being undertaken by the British Broadcasting Corporation to address the harassment faced by its journalists in Iran. The BBC Persian Service has been banned in Iran since the aftermath of the 2009 Green Movement protests, but the company estimates that its broadcasts still reach 18 million people, mostly Iranians who use illegal satellite hookups to access foreign and independent media in the heavily censored Islamic Republic.

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INU - Upon its approach to Yasuj Airport in Isfahan province, en route from Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport on February 18th, Iran Aseman Airlines’ ATR 72-500 crashed into the Dena mountains, killing 66 people.

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