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Gingrich: As Long as the Iran Regime Is in Power, There Will Be Chaos and Terrorism Spread Across the Region .

He said that the United States and the US State Department need to pay more attention to the resistance movement that is working towards a free and democratic Iran.

Gingrich described the Iran regime as a “dictatorship with a façade of democracy”. He explained that during the recent presidential elections, Iran claimed that this was a sign of their democracy, but when you look behind the façade you can see that there was nothing democratic about the elections.

He reminded the audience at the event that the Iranian regime is proud of who and what it is. Before it launches a ballistic missile, it will proudly show pictures of it all over the media with “Death to Israel” or “Death to America” plastered all over it.

Gingrich said that he regretted the United States’ past treatment of the Iranian Resistance, saying that the Iranian regime worked very hard to discredit it. He said that for far too long, the US listened to the dictatorship and not the peaceful resistance movement.

He praised President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly, saying that with these very strong words it was very clear that the Trump administration would decertify Iran’s compliance to the nuclear deal. Gingrich described Trump’s decertification speech as a strong speech that speaks out against the Iranian regime, and the strongest ever of any leader of the US.

Gingrich pointed out that for as long as the Iranian regime is in power, there will be chaos and terrorism spread across the region and a grave risk to the United States.
Like Donald Trump, Gingrich spoke up for the people of Iran who are very much victims of the Iranian regime. He mentioned the 1988 massacre in which 30,000 people were killed and said that it is “horrifying” that nothing has been done to bring the regime to justice.

The regime, he said, is “surviving by repression” and the NCRI is working inside and outside Iran to ensure that the people are heard and that they are represented. The NCRI has made great efforts to expose the Iranian regime’s activities and it has been very successful in providing evidence that intelligence services were not aware of.

It has been instrumental in providing information about the Iran nuclear deal. Gingrich said: “In my experience, the elements of the National Council of Resistance of Iran who are still inside Iran — and there are thousands of people who are obviously highly quiet about this otherwise they would be picked up by the secret police and killed — but they have been the best source of information on the nuclear program consistently, and have found things when the CIA has been telling us they didn’t exist.”

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