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Internal conflict in Iranian regime caused by uncertainty and supreme power of Khamenei over all matters

The media is reporting about it, describing the disarray as “structural chaos” that affects the top officials as much as those at the bottom.

Hostile and parallel entities are popping up across the leadership – the Guardian Council and the Iranian Parliament are at odds, as are the IRGC intelligence and the Ministry of Intelligence.

At first, state media attempted to hide the conflict that was taking place, but it is at the stage now where it is impossible to hide, so it is discussed openly.

Rouz, a state-run newspaper, for example, reported last week that the policy and public management of the Islamic Republic is getting weaker and weaker. The headline was: “With what processes the syndrome of draining power in the body of the system can be controlled?” The article continued to discuss the tension and friction within the centres of power. It also mentioned that advanced and law-based systems whose institutions operate in a coherent and consistent manner which respond to the needs of the people are being destroyed by the “structural chaos” that is in charge of the system. It said that “the number of power centres goes beyond normal to anarchism, causing the disruption and wear of the gears of the community engine”.

The newspaper also referred to the struggle between the leaders of Friday prayer and governors. It said that there is tension because they cannot agree on which governor should have priority over the others in the running of Iran.

Elsewhere in Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Army are at odds, and the Expediency Council has been involved too due to misunderstandings and differences of opinions regarding the constitutional process in the Parliament and the Guardian Council.

Although it is not explicitly stated, it can be inferred from the state-run news outlets that the trouble in Iran’s leadership is largely down to the interference of the Supreme Leader who has the final say in all matters.

Regarding the institutions that work against each other, the newspaper stated: “A period of time, causing the supreme leader (Khamenei) based on the authority given to him by the constitution, to form an institution. The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution is an example of such necessities. The time for termination of these rulings (formation of these institutions) has not been mentioned for some reason. The multiplicities of the establishment of these centres in other powers and the shuffling of the powers of the Parliament have created obstacles beyond a facilitator’s role.”

The identity of the Iranian regime is behind all the conflict. It is unsure of its real identity and does not know what its role should be. Certain factions are threatened by others. Matters become even more uncertain when the Supreme Leader takes an impartial position.



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