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Iran: A Coronavirus Worse Than the Coronavirus

Iran: Coronavirus outbreak expands as regime continues secrecy

The Iranian people are using the internet network to inform each other, and the regime officials hate it so much. This has not only inflicted blows on the regime’s policies and crimes against the people but also far more in the fight against the coronavirus and the role of the government in this disaster is brought to light and the regime’s conspiracies are disclosed.

It is now clear to most Iranians that coronavirus entry into Iran was completely inevitable and that the government’s inactions are considered as a betrayal.

Another aspect of the notice by the Iranian people that has grown exponentially in the past two days is the enlightenment about the government’s continued status quo and the lack of serious determination by the government to fight the coronavirus.

Below are examples of this briefing, enlightenment, disclosures, warnings, and emphasis on national consciousness about the coronavirus, taken from Twitter, telegram and Instagram pages. These reflect the atmosphere of Iranian society towards the most critical issue at present:

  • The Islamic republic official cannot use a mask, they put the mask on their ears!
  • The difference between Iran and other countries is that we are facing with two viruses, the coronavirus, and the government virus. By denying the existence of the coronavirus, the government itself has grown and spread the virus.
  • They are so shameless, that on television they have announced that the risk of influenza was greater than the coronavirus.
  • The Islamic Republic shows on the coronavirus as a political and security issue and is thinking of keeping itself at work.
  • All the South Korean and Japanese government cabinet are masked at the meetings, but members of the Rouhani government and themselves do not seem to have a model for dealing with Corona. That is why they are the promoters of the coronavirus in Iran.
  • The Health Minister says the coronavirus is on the rise and Rouhani says Saturday everything will be normal! God bless the people, while such people want to decide on their health!
  • Italy quarantined 13 cities. Saudi Arabia closes religious shrines, but Khamenei’s order no religious sites in Iran should be closed!
  • A government that multiplies the result of the election will also decrease the outcome of the coronavirus outbreak and resulted in deaths. I myself have witnessed in Tonekabon and Shahsavar districts that they have announced 19,000 votes to be 45,000. They will also lie much more about the coronavirus as the election. All their works relay on lies!
  • While all other countries one by one have closed public places and closed schools to prevent the progress of the coronavirus, the Islamic Republic has not closed any universities, high schools or schools. Why are they so confident to themselves? How many more thousands of Iranians should die?
  • Iran is the only country where you cannot trust any of the coronavirus statistics. There is no equal informing. Whatever it is, you can’t trust it.
  • All the others have cut off the travels to China and the Iranian ambassador to China announces that two flights from China to Iran have been brought auxiliary equipment to fight the coronavirus, and these flights will continue!
  • And another Iranian user mocked and wrote on behalf of the Iranian regime’s officials and said: “Anything we can’t shoot or imprison is not a crisis. So, we have no plans for it. The wind may come, or we will reach the heating season, the problems will be solved by themselves. If they were not solved, we have enough graves. There is nothing to worry about. We will make cemetery for you in the breadth of this country!”
  • And another user mocked the regime and wrote about its 41 years of sovereignty: “The Islamic Republic cannot fight the coronavirus in its known ways: Corona’s relatives cannot be held hostage to surrender. Corona is not a porter that can be shot on the pretext of “illegal crossing the border”. It does not have a rope that is the size of the corona’s neck (to hang him). The virus does not believe in the mullahs and cannot be deceived by the mullahs.”
  • And another gives a solution and said: “People must take steps to destroy the coronavirus by themselves. We must strike to avoid going to the office, university, and public places.”
  • Now the Velayat-e-Faghih (mullahs’ regime) and the coronavirus are in front of the Iranian people.
  • I tell the Iranian people that we only must fight the coronavirus with our will and cooperation and our decision, and there is no hope to this government.
  • The Iranian people are suffering from a coronavirus that is worse than the coronavirus self. First, they have to destroy this main coronavirus, which is the government itself.

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