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Iran regime official: one to two million Iranians will die of covid-19

Laila Hashemzadeh, the director of nursing at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, announced that more than 235 of the Fars province’s nurses have been infected since the outbreak of the coronavirus in this province.

Fereydoun Eskandari, head of Zanjan’s nursing system, said that 100 nurses of this province are infected by the coronavirus and added, “the lack of nurses and medical staff in the hospitals of this province is making a severe pressure on them, and the discrimination in the payments comparing to other provinces of the country is annoying this stratum of the society.”

He added: “The Zanjan province has used all of its nursing staff to support coronavirus patients, and for this reason, we are facing a shortage of manpower.”

The President of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences said that the situation about the coronavirus in Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province is red. The number of coronavirus patients in the out-patients and hospitalized patients in Khorasan Hospital is increasing.

He added: “Now 350 patients infected with the coronavirus are hospitalized in Mashhad’s hospitals. In the last week, about 400 patients infected with the virus referred to the hospital’s emergencies of Mashhad’s hospitals, and about 500 people suspected to be infected referred to the laboratories for the coronavirus detection in the city.”

Ardebil University of Medical Sciences Vice-Chancellor for Treatment said that in the last 24 hours they had 32 new hospitalized people infected by the virus in Ardebil province, which was unexampled in the past 40 days.

In Hamedan, the President of the University of Medical Sciences said, “holding parties and family visits were the reason for the infection of 174 of the people in this province.”

IRNA reported, “Rashid Heydari Moghadam member of the Provincial Headquarters Against Coronavirus in Hamedan said, “Alone one person has infected 48 others in a party, in this trend can be seen in family visits.”

He added: “From 6,714 tests, 1,956 were positive, means that 23 percent of the refers to the testing Centrals, their tests were reported positive.”

The capacity of Yasuj’s hospital has reached its maximum. Because of the pressure caused by the coronavirus they were forced to allocate the second stage of the hospital to the coronavirus patients. And the hospital’s chief said, “The nurses cannot continue anymore to work, and manpower is decreased. Sometimes they are covering 16 patients at the same time.”

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In Karaj’s Kosar hospital and situation is disastrous. In the days of 24 and 25 June, 20 persons have died because of the coronavirus. But the government has reported that this number was just 8 persons in those specific days. This hospital has no CT scan.

The coronavirus intensive care of the hospital has only 27 beds, so the hospital staff is forced to hospitalize the other patients in the emergency section.

Nahid Khodakarami, Chairwoman of the Health Commission of Tehran’s City Council in an interview with Emtedad said, “Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, unfortunately, more than five thousand Tehran’s people have lost their lives.”

‘Twenty percent of the city’s population is infected with the coronavirus,’ said the head of the health network in Boroujerd.

Mohamad Kakavand added in an interview with ISNA: “In the sense of the coronavirus outbreak we are at a very bad situation and our estimations said that 20 percent of the city’s population is infected with the virus.”

He added: “For this illness, there is no solution and prospect and we are on the verge of the infection of more than 50 percent of Iran’s people. And from this 3 to 4 percent will die, which will be about 1 to 2 million Iranians. The death rate in the country is 4.7 percent, in the province 3.6 percent and in the county 2.8 percent.”

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