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Iran Officials Admit to Crises

The election crisis in Iran, has complicated the political legitimacy of the regime.

High-ranking current and former Iranian officials are admitting that the regime is facing a whole range of crises that could easily unseat the mullahs, in the same way that the Shah was overthrown in 1979.

These officials who are warning about (the likely) overthrow of the mullahs have spent four decades entrenched in the crimes of the regime, from human rights abuses to terrorism, so their statements prove that nothing will be able to stop regime change.

President Hassan Rouhani admitted last week that the percentage of Iranians who support the regime is shrinking every day while questioning what happened to national solidarity, national interest, and security. Of course, what happened is that the regime constantly repressed the people, who then didn’t feel like supporting the regime.

Due to the intense threat of an election boycott later this month, Rouhani told the people to vote, saying that otherwise, their democracy will be “lifeless”, but considering that the elections are fixed anyway, how can a boycott hurt Iran’s democracy?

Then he repeated his request on June 2, and said: “Particiapation and ballot box are our most important issues. Let no one say out of ignorance that it does not matter if just few people participate in the elections.”

That same day, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: “I feel the threat of rebellion by the hungry population every day. The society is on the verge of an explosion. The situation in the country is bad and of course, it has never been so bad, and as this situation continues, it will get much worse very quickly.”

Ahmadinejad said that the low voter turnout will have a major impact at home and abroad until the regime falls, unable to rise again.

Supreme leader Ali Khamenei is so scared of a low voter turnout and the potential for major protests that he tried to consolidate power by making the Guardian Council eliminate many top officials who were running for president this year, believing that they could undermine him, even though they’d been involved in some of the biggest crimes of the regime.

The state-run Arman news outlet wrote on May 26: “Really, what is the insistence on imposing costs on the country in disqualifying personalities such as Ali Larijani, Eshagh Jahangiri, Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ezzata-Allah Zarghami, Massoud Pezeshkian, etc. from the 2021 presidential election? … What has been the result of the disqualification of such personalities, which they still insist on? What is the real cost to the country of discrediting prominent figures of the country by the Guardian Council?”

Warning of polarizing the election and its irreparable damages the state-run outlet Vatan-e-Emrooz on June 2 wrote: “An uncalculated confrontation with a rival candidate reinforces the risk of polarizing public space to change the face of the election. They should also be maximally aware of the movements and scenarios of their rival current and prevent this partnership from being resolved under false dipoles.

“Certainly, the pro-government candidates in the remaining weeks will make every effort to gain prestige and votes by turning the revolutionary candidates into undesirable poles and symbols of opposition to social freedoms.

“The gap between the current state of society and the election promises of 2017 is a good indication of what the end of the emotional atmosphere and maneuvering with the false bipolarities can lead to and irreparable damage to the country.” (Vatan-e-Emrooz, June 2, 2021)

Fearing the people’s reaction and protests the chairman of the regime’s Assembly of Experts on June 2 said:  “The main problem of the people in the current situation is the economic and livelihood problems, and the low-income classes are under a lot of pressure, and we hope that everyone who will be elected, will solve the people’s problems immediately.” (Iran News Telegram Channel, June 2, 2021)

Then the Setareh-e-Sobh daily warned the regime’s official not to express security and threatening comments which will to the non-participation of the people in the elections and wrote:

“In recent days, we have witnessed several viewpoints which will weaken the democracy, that is highly emphasized in the constitution, and the fact is that such behavior will not lead to maximum participation of the people in the elections and their presence at the ballot box. Referring to the viewpoints of the security services and some people, Mirzaei said: ‘We see that Ashtari, the commander of the police force, has recently taken a stand and said that those who talk about non-participation will be dealt with or the Tehran prosecutor has made worrying statements in this regard. That what will lead to the non-participation and reduction of the turnout at the ballot box is are such viewpoints.” (Setareh-e-Sobh, June 2, 2021)

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