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Iran’s Natural Resources Plundered by the Regime

Iran’s Natural Resources

One of the main resources that are the right of the entire country and its people is natural resources, like forests, mountains, soil, water, and agriculture grounds. But this regime is plundering all these resources.

Iranian officials have tried intensely through forgeries to put these resources in the name of themselves and their family members. And in cases where they are unsuccessful, they sell these resources with very low prices to other Middle East countries and embezzle the money.

Looting Iran’s soil

The looting of the soil is one of the main industries in which the government is engaged. Producing one cubic centimeter of sand takes hundreds of years, but this government does not care about this very important national resource, instead, they are selling thousands of tons of soil to Middle Eastern countries.

This is happening in the name of exporting “sweet soil”. Part of the soil is sold in the form of shipments of sand, gravel, and minerals.

With this act, the Iranian government is eroding much of Iran’s plains with its destructive policies. Due to land subsidence and lack of water, life is dying, and the land is turning into lifeless deserts. Another key facet of this is soil erosion in Iran. According to statistics, Iran has one of the worst soil erosions (‘Soil erosion in Iran is 2.5 times the world average’) in the world.

Another key fact was the destruction on the Jahask mountain of Nayriz city in the Fars province because the Iranian officials tried to concede this mountain to the private sector for mining works.


Looting the water resources

The plundering of natural resources is not just restricted to the mountains and the ground. Water, the most important source of life, is sold by the Iranian government to other countries, while Iran and its people themselves do not have enough potable water.

One example is that the Iranian government has been transporting water to Iraq since 2009. It transports 12,000 cubic meters of water to Basra. When asked about the contractor of the project, the former prime minister of Iraq Nuri Al-Maliki said he cannot tell the name of the Iranian contractor.

The state-run website Asr-e Iran on 5 September 2009 quoted Basra’s governor Shaltah Aboud that ‘if there wasn’t Iran’s water we would die because of thirst’. This comment by the Iraqi governor was about the import of Iran’s potable water to Iraq with water tankers.

On 7 October 2019, the angry farmers of Isfahan destroyed the water pipes because of the water transmission of the Zayandehroud river to other areas of Iran while this act with the project name “Brujen” worsened their livelihood conditions.


Plundering the forests

One of the other crimes that the Iranian government is making is the extermination of Iran’s forests. This act is one of the main disasters that has ruined Iran’s ecosystem completely. Analysts say that in 10-20 years the entire forests of the Hirkani area, north of Iran, will be wiped out completely. One of the main reasons is that the Iranian officials are turning the forests into residential areas and are burning them down deliberately. According to statistics, in the past 10 years, 190,000 hectares of forests have been burned.


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