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Iran’s Regime Active Role in Suppressing Iraq’s Uprisings

Iraq uprisings

The Iranian regime vehemently denied any participation in slaughtering Iraqi citizens. Reuters in a report, published on October 16, revealed details of Iran’s active role in suppressing the Iraqi uprising. 

“Iran-backed militias deployed snipers on Baghdad rooftops during Iraq’s deadliest anti-government protests in years, two Iraqi security officials told Reuters.”

“The fighters were directed by Abu Zainab al-Lami, head of security for the Hashid, a grouping of mostly Shi’ite Muslim paramilitaries backed by Iran” the report read.

 “As protests entered their third day, on Oct. 3, snipers appeared on Baghdad rooftops. A Reuters cameraman who was covering the unrest near Baghdad’s Tahrir Square that afternoon said he saw a sniper, wearing a balaclava and dressed in black as he stood on top of an under-construction building that overlooked the demonstrations” Reuters added.

Reuters revealed this information, while the National of Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), for years underlined and exposed the Iranian regime’s secret occupation of Iraq and its role in oppressing Iraqi people.

In its newest report, published on October 16, the NCRI revealed details of Iran regime’s secret arm in occupying Iraq and conducting terrorist activities.

“One of the mullahs’ regime’s front organizations, through which it has secretly occupied Iraq, is the ‘Holy Shrines’ reconstruction Headquarters’ which is, in fact, an organization belonging to the Terrorist Quds Force. This headquarters has prepared the ground for the Quds Force to carry on different terrorist activities or arms trafficking, plundering and even circumventing sanctions, under the pretext of reconstructing the shrines of Shiite figures and imams” the report read.

Ghasem Soleimani, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards terrorist Quds Force, personally made the last appointments in the Holy Shrines’ reconstruction Headquarters on July 12, 2019.

The report revealed details of this recent appointment, “According to one of these appointments, Soleimani, promoted IRGC brigadier general Hassan Polarak from ’chairing the Holy Shrines’ reconstruction Headquarters’ to the post special adviser of the Quds Force’s commanding office while maintaining his former responsibility as a supervisor for the Headquarters.”

“Soleimani appointed Mohammad Jalal Maab as the executive chair of the Holy Shrines’ reconstruction Headquarters, replacing Hassan Polarak,” the report added.

As the NCRI concluded, “While the Iranian regime is facing unresolvable economic and social crises inside Iran, unprecedented according to its high officials, it has resorted to more warmongering and creating chaos in the Middle East. Therefore, cutting the hands of the regime, especially the IRGC and Quds Force from the region, has become more crucial.”







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