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Iran: Second Coronavirus Wave in Isfahan Prison, Golestan Province

Reports from Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan province, central Iran, and different cities in Golestan province, northern Iran, show these areas are hit by the second coronavirus wave

However, precise reports show that the country has plunged in the second coronavirus wave and more people fall victim to the disease every day.

Remarks by universities’ deans and health officials show that the COVID-19 contagion has dramatically progressed and new cities designated as code-red areas. Simultaneously, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani insist on their policy of lifting restrictions and resuming financial activities endangering the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Coronavirus Conditions in Isfahan’s Dastgerd Prison

According to obtained reports from Isfahan province, the illness is rapidly spreading among prisoners in Dastgerd Prison. Given the high number of coronavirus patients, authorities announced that using face masks is compulsory. This is while each face mask is exchanged between inmates for 100,000 rials (50 cents). However, the number of infected people is increasing daily.

Also, prison guards do not enter wards in fear of contracting the virus and put food and hygienic items behind the door and leave the place. In a flagrant violation of prisoners’ rights, interrogators have banned inmates, mainly patients, from fresh air.

After two weeks, the prison’s doctor entered wards and warned prisoners about the disease. Be careful, the prison is contaminated with the virus, the doctor told prisoners. The result of a random COVID-19 test in award revealed that out of every 100 tests, 60 turned out to be positive. In other words, more than 50 percent of prisoners have been infected with the coronavirus in the award.

It is worth reminding that the regime holds 12,000 people in these facilities and at least 400 inmates are kept in each ward. Unconfirmed reports indicate that nearly 40 people have died of the coronavirus in this prison so far.


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In Golestan province, northern Iran, many citizens have contracted the infectious disease. On June 21, locals reported new COVID-19 cases have doubled, and in one city – Aliabad Katul – 27 patients were hospitalized. Also, in Gonbad-e Kavous – another city in Golestan province – the number of new coronavirus patients has risen by 100 percent in the past two weeks alone.

Additionally, several cities have been designated as code-red areas during recent weeks. “The condition of five cities in Golestan province is critical… 57 percent of Golestan’s population has been infected with the coronavirus so far,” said Abdolreza Fazel, the president of Golestan Medical Sciences University on June 17.

Later, on June 21, he pointed out to the second wave of the coronavirus has begun from eastern counties and rural areas of the province. “The cities of Aq Qala, Bandar-e-Gaz, Bandar-e Turkmen, Maraveh Tappeh, Gonbad-e Kavous, Galikesh, and Kalleh have entered the red status of the outbreak,” Fazel said.

On the same day, Golestan’s governor Hadi Haghshenas admitted that 900,000 people from the province’s 1.869-million population are under the threat of contracting coronavirus.

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