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Khamenei’s Latest Speech Reveals the Truth About Iran’s Regime

The corruption in Iran’s government has reached such a devasting stage that even the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued a warning to regime officials in his speech with the board of the government last Sunday.

Khamenei’s inevitable confession to looting and plundering of mineral resources and the sale of Hormoz’s soil, which has been done for many years by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other organizations, forced him to criticize the government’s actions, while in the past the regime tried to hide and not admit to its actions.

“Selling raw precious minerals and processing them abroad and returning them to the country at several times the price, selling the soil of Hormoz Island, not processing saffron in South Khorasan and dates in tropical areas are among the cases that show that serious work should be done in this field.”

Khamenei, who spoke to President Hassan Rouhani and members of the cabinet on the occasion of Government Week, criticized the current process in the country, while not taking any responsibility as the top decision-maker in the country.

Referring to the devaluation of the Iranian national currency, he called for dealing with the import of luxury goods and buying a home abroad. Khamenei’s Instagram account criticized the import of “half a billion dollars of American luxury phones in 2019.”

“In addition to long-term measures to strengthen the value of the national currency, some short-term measures are necessary, including serious action against malicious and profiteering measures to devalue the national currency.”

With regard to the regime’s corruption about the non-return of $27 billion in export currency, he said: “Some of these currencies may not have been returned for logical reasons yet, but profiteering, such as importing luxury goods or buying property abroad, must be dealt with.”

While the regime is hopeless adding to him many of its key elements like the regime’s President and its Foreign Minister are looking for a gleam of light in the US presidential elections he warned them and said: “The country’s economy should not be linked to foreign developments in any way, because this is a strategic mistake.

“Economic planning for the country should not be delayed by the lifting of sanctions or the outcome of a country’s elections. It should be assumed that sanctions, for example, will continue for another ten years, so we should focus on internal capacities and facilities, although they may make good decisions in which case we will use them, the country’s economic issues should not be dependent to foreign developments.”

Fearing the internet and the freedom of communication which has made much trouble for the regime in the past years especially in the latest nationwide protests, he said: “This is the reason for the repeated emphasis on the national information network and the formation of the Supreme Council and the National Cyberspace Center and the participation of the heads of the three branches, but unfortunately, the necessary attention is not paid to this issue.”

While being desperate, he is searching for international investments and said: “Unfortunately, in recent years, investment in the country has been disrupted and we are lagging behind in order to solve this problem. First, large investments that have been abandoned or are implemented slowly in the country must be revived, and no major capital projects should be left uncertain.”

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