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Lying, a Structural Tool in Iran’s Regime

Since the Iranian regime has been in power in Iran, it has told non-stop lies and has deceived both its citizens and the international community time and time again, observers say.

False promises, absurd statements, unscientific and many other strange expressions that have been used either to deceive the people or to cover up crimes and thefts of the government have become an ordinary task in Iran’s government, observers say.

After four decades of crime, theft, lying, and looting the people are not believing any of the regime’s promises anymore. The question is why the leaders of this regime do not stop this nonsense and strange obscenity? Unfortunately, common sense cannot find an answer to this.

The then regime’s president Hassan Rouhani recently said: “The government seeks to create such economic prosperity and that such a rich income can be provided to the people that no one needs this 45,000 tomans (of subsidies) at all. Have a good life, everyone is employed in the family proudly.”

Hassan Rouhani: “There is no vaccine in the world, if there is a vaccine, we are the buyers ourselves, we buy the vaccine at any cost, the private sector will go and buy, we have no problem, they should also go and buy!!!” (State-TV News Channel, June 9, 2021)

Mohammad Mokhber, First Vice President of Ebrahim Raisi: “In the case of the coronavirus, I spent the last week two or three nights that I hadn’t had this joy in my life, four letters from four European countries called the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini, that we ask you medical equipment, those who reject us when we in the first day went to them to get this equipment, today they beg us to give them equipment.

“Another very important news to tell you is that we are no far behind in the production of vaccines from the most advanced countries in the world.”

And the result for the regime is very clear when Ahmad Tavakoli, who himself is one of the most corrupted and biggest liars in this regime, once said:

“So that whatever we say, people say it’s a lie! We must admit that we lied to people that now people have come to this conclusion and they tell us to be ‘liars.’

Now some people come and rightly say that not everyone lied to the people. But we should note that when many officials in a political system lie to the people about issues and problems and hide the truth, people extend this action to the entire authorities of that political system and do not say that, for example, only that person has lied, and the others did not. We have become liar shepherds and we must accept that people’s trust in us has become much less than in the past.” (State-run daily Etemad, August 16, 2020)

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