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New EU Foreign Affairs Chief Must Focus on Iran Regime

Struan Stevenson on Iran

Stevenson explains that anti-Iranian Regime uprisings are springing up across Iran, as well as Iraq and Lebanon where Iranian influence is destroying the country. Not only that, but there is a major policy vacuum as a result of the American withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, the civil wars in Syria and Yemen are still raging with Iranian financial and military support for Bashar al-Assad and the Houthis respectively, and Iran is providing huge financial support for the terrorist groups Hezbollah  in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Iran is essentially a wrecking ball used against the Middle East.

Stevenson wrote: “Every dollar spent in pursuit of their policy of aggressive Islamic revolutionary expansionism is a dollar stolen from the 80 million beleaguered Iranian citizens who are facing, domestically, a collapsing economy, disintegrating medical system, rapidly diminishing groundwater, and an environmental crisis.”

Worse still, the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), which functions as the Iranian Gestapo will abuse and oppress anyone who tries to stop their crimes against the Iranian people, the Middle East, and the world at large. Dissidents inside Iran are imprisoned, tortured and hanged, with 120,000 murdered by the regime since 1979; 30,000 during the summer of 1988, a crime against humanity that the United Nations is investigating.

The regime even uses Ministry of Intelligence & Security agents inside its European embassies to track down and eliminate political dissidents abroad, which last year alone led to two terror plots against an Iranian new year celebration by Iranian Resistance members in Albania and a Free Iran rally led by the Resistance in France. Both were thankfully thwarted by the Iranian Regime.

Stevenson said that Borrell must seize the opportunity to change EU policy in the Middle East, end the appeasement of the regime, and put the emphasis on human rights in relations with Iran.

Stevenson wrote: “The people of Iran expect Europe and the United Nations to be on their side. They expect their calls for democracy to be taken seriously. Human rights and women’s rights cannot be compromised or marginalized on the pretext of political considerations, trade deals or the flawed nuclear agreement.”

He continued:  “Borrell must demonstrate the EU’s support for the people of those beleaguered nations who risk their lives in daily protests against their oppressors. The Iranian ayatollahs have a finger in every pie. They control an evil regime that should be toppled… Borrell must tell the people of Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon, that they have EU support and that the people of Europe stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their struggle to overthrow the tyrants.”


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