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Newsweek’s Misinformation for Iran’s Regime: When the Passage of Time and Shady Profits Shift Dignity

Such a cover after the November protests which was massacred by Iran's regime is a true SHAME.

On its cover of Newsweek’s 27 December 2019 edition, it is written, “IF IRAN FALLS ISIS RISES AGAIN”! There is also a portrait of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

This expression was so ridiculous that many Iranians and non-Iranian people on Twitter couldn’t tolerate it and expressed their frustration about it.

The question is how an international news magazine can allow itself to judge and express itself in such an unprofessional way? Didn’t they know really what they do? How can someone allow itself so easy to play with the future of a great nation? And didn’t they know really about the roots of the problems in the Middle East?

Surely, we must say that they’re very well informed about everything. In the 21 century, it’s not very difficult to be informed and follow the news around the world.

From 15 November the Iranian people revolted against the totalitarian regime in Iran in more 191 cities, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). By searching the text of the article, the word “separatists” is written four times beside ISIS.

Saying that “separatists” or other ones, have and will take advantage of any unrest in the country!” If we just look at the widespread nature of the protests and the number of cities, we will see that quoting such an unrespectful remark shows that the writer of this text is really not well informed about a nation, or in the worst-case situation, is cooperating with a regime.

In reality, when Iranians in 191 cities have taken part in the protests, the issue is not at all related to a ‘separatist’ agenda, rather an entire nation is taking it upon itself to overthrow their despotic leaders.

Newsweek has closed its eyes on the brutality of this regime which has killed more than 1500 people and arrested more than 12000 people – numbers that are said warily because two days after the protests started, the regime cut off the Internet.

“Any collapse or weakening of a state in the region is likely to fuel into more instability in the region,” the article adds as if reading from the mullahs’ talking points.

In reality, Iran’s regime has all but destroyed three other nations – Iraq, Syria and Yemen – in sectarian conflicts in the past 15 years, thus Newsweek’s claim is utterly shameful.

Just looking at the number of pro-Iranian militias that are responsible for death and destruction in Iraq is enough to show who is the main cause of the disaster in the Middle East:

  1. Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)
  2. Badr Organization (formerly known as the Badr Brigade)
  3. Kataib Hezbollah
  4. Asaib Ahl al Haq
  5. Harakat Hezbollah al Nujaba
  6. Imam Ali Brigades
  7. Kataib Sayyad al Shuhada
  8. Saraya al-Salam

And of course, in Syria, Iran’s regime is supporting the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad through its terrorist proxy forces:

  1. “Kataeb al-Baath” (The Baath Phalange, named after the ruling Baath party)
  2. “Suqur al-Sahraa” (The Desert Falcons)
  3. “Nussur al-Zaoubaa”
  4. “Jaysh al-Wafaa” (The Army of Loyalty)
  5. “Dareh al-Sahel” (Shield of the Coast)
  6. “Dareh al-Areen” (Shield of the Lion’s Lair – Assad means “lion” in Arabic)
  7. The Syrian Resistance Group
  8. “Al-Hosn” (The Fort)
  9. “Dareh al-Watan” (Shield of the Nation)
  10. “Al-Maghawir” (The Commandos): a force of hundreds of members from tribes in the Badiya desert region. Funded by Iran.
  11. The Shaitat tribe militiamen (also known as “Ussud al-Sharqiya”, or Lions of the East)
  12. Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas: a group of 3,000 Iraqi volunteers who defend the Shia holy site of Sayyida Zeinab south of Damascus.
  13. Afghan “Fatimids”: up to 3,000 men have fought in Daraa province in the south.
  14. And last but not least, Lebanese Hezbollah.

In truth, ISIS has carried out huge crimes in the region. But just looking at the many militias that the Iranian regime has built, there is no doubt that the main winner of the acts and the existence of ISIS is the Iranian regime and no one else.

Looking at the number of people killed by these militias and comparing it to those killed by ISIS is a fact enough, more than 500,000 people have died in Syria as a result of a war fueled by Iran’s regime.

In Iraq, no one can say the exact number, but since the beginning of Iraq’s protests earlier this year, more than 400 people have been killed by Iranian-backed militias. The process of the events in the Middle East shows that the main winner of the existence of ISIS is the Iranian regime.

While the people of Iran chant in the Iran protests: “leave Syria, and think about us”, it is clear the Iranian regime made all this to survive the anger and the demands of the Iranian people. So, this article is just supporting the Godfather of ISIS.

While the real reason for the establishment of ISIS and who really supported it remains disputed. But the main winner was the Iranian regime.

What the Iranian people will say is that they don’t want anyone to judge and lie about the situation in Iran. In Iran, there are no “separatists”. Even after 40 years of this regime, they didn’t succeed to separate the Iranian people. And Iran will not be another Syria.

Newsweek’s cover of 1943 has reason to suggest that we should not forget, and there is no difference between dictators. If one dictator was bad for Europe and their people, now the dictator in Iran is bad too, for the Iranian people and the entire region.

The Iranian people have decided to bring about regime change, and nothing can stop them, even such a worthless and senseless article, which is not taking any responsibility with regard to the events that such an article can cause, only to secure some well-known economic interests.


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